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Need Advertising Experience!

Discussion in 'Programming and Scripts' started by Byron Darensburg, Sep 17, 2006.

  1. Byron Darensburg

    Byron Darensburg Affiliate affiliate

    Anyone got any secrets or tips on how to succeed with google/clickbank? :confused:
  2. Voluum
  3. JustinHarrison

    JustinHarrison New Member

    I would say that the best advice I can give is not to get too caught up in the hype of the Google cash system and to keep a close eye on your ROI.

    Additionally I would take pre-selling to heart and provide a webpage on your own site with a product ?review? of the product you intend on selling.

    Also see if the merchant (product owner) has any specific keywords which he/she will give you exclusivity on, that way you don?t land up bidding on the exact same keywords, for the exact same product.
  4. LonnyFX

    LonnyFX New Member

    It's all about trial and error, trying different structures, keywords and web site templates in order to increase ROI and conversion.

    Different ad positions, some attract higher CTR and it's not always the first ones.. there are several techniques you can use such as placing your ad next to a competitors ad and offering a price which is slightly lower and more attractive.

    Keep an eye on what you spend and where you spend it, with good analysis I'm sure you can have a succesful campaign.
  5. fitnfree

    fitnfree Guest

    I, too found this tactic to be very helpful. ;)