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Native:Blocking specific widget IDs. Good or Bad?

Pritom Roy

Hey folks,

I have been running Native with RevContent quite some time and appreciate your input in here.

Few widget IDs give me 100% LP CTR but none convert and then few converts at even 3% LP CTR.

I started blocking WidgetIDs that gives me 100% CTR but it keeps building everyday but the question is : Are these fake clicks? I wonder how do BIG Native gurus do in this case?


Dead Pool

Yes, there may be some fake clicks. Sometimes some dishonest publisher using the bot for getting an impression. Therefore they click the ads as you know it looks like the human visit. When you and the system found that the CTR rates are standard against the impression than the system or you, detect this is the normal phenomenon. I suggest you test out and find out which widget you should block to save your money.


Yes you should definitely be doing this, and save your list of blacklist widgets because it will be useful for your other campaigns.

In fact the strategy some use is the opposite: set up the ad for a few whitelisted widgets only, before scaling the campaign.

On RevContent you can find the widget ID in the source code of the publisher page.

So what I recommend our Advault users to do is to find the ads they are spying, then go to the publisher website (you'll find that on ad details), and get the widget ID.

Good Luck!