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Discussion in 'Social Media' started by Drago10, Mar 8, 2014.

  1. Drago10

    Drago10 Affiliate affiliate

    For those that have been around the internet for a while, this site is a blast from the past. I remember way back in the day Myspace was the hottest social media site (until FB rolled along). Even then, there was still a fierce battle between the two sites. Eventually, Myspace, like FB, screwed themselves over and cause their own demise.

    Apparently, from what I've heard, Myspace has made a return (or attempted to). Is there a chance for this once amazing social network to come back? or is it just completely out of the running?

    I personally feel Myspace has run its course, and shouldn't even try to be brought back as one of the top social networks. As it is, Myspace was mainly just supposed to be for music artists, anyway. I'd say Myspace got lucky with becoming a social network for everyone.
  2. Voluum
  3. gadgetised

    gadgetised Guest

    Myspace is dead. It might still have a small place in the music industry but even that part is failing miserably.
  4. CeliVega

    CeliVega Affiliate affiliate

    Yeah, I heard it has given out on being a social networking site and emphasis more on the music industry. Exactly what do you mean by Myspace causing their own demise? I have never actually pay much attention to how MySpace went from the hottest social networking site to a rather obscure site. From what I remembered it just......disappeared, just like that.
  5. Kevin24

    Kevin24 Affiliate affiliate

    Sad they were destroyed once FB opened up to the public. It was a much better site than FB in my opinion. I'm sure Justin Timberlake is proud of his $35 million site! :laugh:
  6. CeliVega

    CeliVega Affiliate affiliate

    Myspace did't stand a chance since Facebook was secretly created by Lex Luthor :p
    Mark Zuckerberg was an alias for Lex......and it's probably a wig up there :p
    Can't wait for the Superman/Batman movie! Although there's still like two years to go.......
  7. SimplySidy

    SimplySidy Affiliate affiliate

    Some sites have been predicting end of roads for FB - I read a few blog posts stating that by 2015 or soon thereafter, FB would not be that popular as many have started quiting the FB. But now, they have whatsapp with them and I guess, they are playing safe.

    Anyways, that might be out of context here. MySpace was social and many goodies were around. Unfortunately, in todays scenario, things cannot be predicted. I am sure many of us who felt sad after MySpace died, might return back if it was to come up live again. But then, the relaunch and the site should provide something more to entice and keep visitors engaged, as I am sure most of us who had left, did find greener pastures or at least better places to hang around.