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MyLot.com Pays for your Posts

Discussion in 'Customer Relationship Management (CRM)' started by josh87, May 24, 2011.

  1. josh87

    josh87 Affiliate affiliate

    It is a well known fact that good content is the thing that makes any website valuable and this content isn?t always free. There are a lot of people out there that really enjoy posting on blogs and forums and helping people out and for a lot of the people that do it, they do it just to help people or to give an opinion. But what if you could actually get paid for your efforts of helping people? Well, with MyLot.com, you actually can. MyLot.com allows you to make a little extra cash from posting on a variety of blogs and forums. The great thing about this is that you can make money with just a computer and an internet connection; you will not need any special skills such as website design etc. In order to make money, you will have to follow the instructions that are given to you by the website. You will be posting responses usually on blogs and forums but the thing about the site is that you will only receive payment if your post is actually a worthy post. What we mean by this is that the website doesn?t accept boring one line responses; you should actually have something to say. [​IMG] Payment from the website has been made for the past five years or so meaning that it really is a legitimate opportunity. There is a payday each month on the website so you will have to make sure you are around for that day. On the date of payday, the MyLot.com logo will change colour to green whereas the rest of the days you will visit, the logo will be blue. Payouts are through PayPal and you can choose the amount that you would like to have paid into your account form a variety of amounts each month. The great thing about this opportunity is that it is quick to setup and you can work as much or as little as you like on it and make as much or as little as you like. Because it uses PayPal as well, you can be in almost any country and join the site.
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