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My personal method

Discussion in 'General Internet Marketing' started by herzit, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. herzit

    herzit Affiliate affiliate

    Hi & Welcome to my second thread at the CPAfix forum and my first guide in this area!

    I want to reveal my method, where I was able to make around 50-70$/day. (not on autopilot)

    What ist this method about?

    It´s about CPA offers in the adult/dating niche. The method works with completly no investment. Just your time is needed.

    Before you read this guide, read this!
    "The method I provide isn´t really white hate, it´s also not blackhat - it´s a gray hat method... Some networks accept it, some not."

    The Guide:

    1. Get a .com - domain with a redirect service! [IMPORTANT: the free domain hosters out there do not provide a redirect service]
    Name the [dot]com - domain anything like: nicedatesinyourcity[dot]com or things like that...

    2. Find your offer in the Dating/adult niche:
    This is a pretty important part at this method. You have to choose a offer which has a pretty good nEPC and pays out between 4 and 10 bugs.
    You have to take a look at the offer and should ask yourself: "I would like to sign up there?" - if you think it´s good: TAKE IT!

    3. Take your .com - Domain and redirect to your CPA offer refferal link.

    4. Traffic:

    This is now the secret of this method, which many people know, but just a few take advantage of...!

    Go where the traffic is, just go where the fucking traffic is, freakin hell! - Just joking, but it´s true. The secret is:


    Search in Google, Yahoo or any other search engines for adult/dating chats. [IMPORTANT: You should be able to post links in the chat!]

    After you found a few chats --> get your domain (with the redirect to your offer) and CHAT --> write a sentence like: If you want a good time, visit: yoururl[dot]com and search there for my name --> if they´re interested, they click on the link and fill out the offer you´re providing

    A better way, for really good and targeted traffic:

    You create yourself an free MailAccount (anything like sexylisa1993[at]yourhost[dot]com)
    Then you do the same as aboth and copy paste your link... but instead of the website - url, you´re posting your eMail address.
    If you get Mails from people in the chat room, they´re really hard interested in your personal offer... (I think you know what I mean) --> That´s the best and highly targeted traffic. (Conversion Rates up to 40% are not abnormally)

    5. Rinse and Repeat or outsource it, whatever you want! ;)


    As i said, the method isn´t really white hat, it´s a kind of eWhoring and a few networks don´t accept methods like this. Read the rules of your CPA network before you implement this method!
    It´s a bit unmoralic but to be honest, a win/win situation for you and your traffic.

    If you have any questions or suggestions to improve this method, feel free to post anything in this thread.

    So on...

    Best regards & have a nice day,


    P.S.: This method will make you money - guarantelly! ;)
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  2. newbidder
  3. Hacder

    Hacder Affiliate affiliate

    Sounds like a good method and easy to get started. Gave me couple of ideas.

    Thanks for sharing Peter!

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. zventures

    zventures Affiliate affiliate

    Are you using 7 search for traffic? Or anything similar?
  5. travis

    travis Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    I have tried a similar method before actually. It was boring and I felt like a girl.

    I would go to chat rooms such as omegle and find guys to persuade to sign up under a dating link, never worked. All the guys were either perv's or wanted to meet in person.
  6. herzit

    herzit Affiliate affiliate

    Hi there,

    tank you for posting to my thread! ;)

    - No I´m not. Im using chat traffic - just chat traffic...
  7. herzit

    herzit Affiliate affiliate

    Yeah, it´s a bit sick - you´re right...! :X
  8. xapuc

    xapuc Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    This is method called eWhoring, and IT IS black hat and it's banished in 99% networks. However, if you use this method, be sure that your AM doesn't know it :)
  9. nosexsincekid

    nosexsincekid Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks For Sharing I Like This..
  10. alexcopeland

    alexcopeland Affiliate affiliate

    I remember a method similar to this ages ago where you advertised on lonely hearts type sites, but the more risqué ones ;) and got people to email you and 'meet' you by opening free accounts on dating sites...

    Didn't feel that comfortable trying it at the time, and definitely not something I would do now (but each to their own) but I do know it didn't work for me... But that's probably because I didn't have my heart in it as didn't sit well with my way of thinking...

    Like I said though, I'm not saying it won't work or its wrong to try, just that it isn't the way to make money for me.
  11. kate demishkan

    kate demishkan Banned

    woow, thats really interesting!

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