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My first ever CPA campaign

Discussion in 'Pay Per Click' started by shakazul, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. shakazul

    shakazul Affiliate affiliate

    Dear everyone,

    January this year I discovered internet marketing. I'm a Business Administration student and run a real life business, however affiliate marketing seemed so incredibly interesting that I just had to give it a try.

    Three days ago I started my first ever Facebook CPA campaign. I'm using Peerfly ads and have been following the brilliant guides by LukePeerfly.

    First Report (25-04-2012)
    Campaign running date: 24-04-2012 (single day)

    Running 4 different Peerfly email/zip convert offers on Facebook.

    For each I set a daily maximum of 3$. I'm paying CPM and offering 0.05$ above the lowest suggesting bid, which in my case is 0.13$.

    Thus far I have already received 2 converting leads (2.2$ revenue) from 12 clicks. Costs for these 12 clicks were 12$ and my conversion rate is still horrible.

    Currently testing campaigns and have already managed to increase CTR with 150%. Apparently the more blatant and simple the ad, the higher the CTR. Am also avoiding the word 'free'.


    1) After updating my ads for testing, they have been approved. However, I'm hardly getting any new impressions. The price I'm paying is still 0.07$ but my max bid is at 0.13$. Why isn't FB displaying my ads? Are they choosing CPC over CPM as it's more profitable for them?

    2) Have just activated my 7Search account with LukePeerfly's coupon. Am hoping to start promoting my first offers this weekend. Next to Luke's guides, are there any guides/strategies you would recommend me? What type of offers generally work best through 7Search?


    Thank you all and I wish you happy marketing. I will keep updating this post from now on.


  2. terraleads
  3. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Costs for these 12 clicks were 12$


    your paying $1 a click? WHOA!

    As far as 7search you need to test 3-4 campaigns at once, id pick email and zip submits but go with stuff thats different so the competition is low! iPad etc has been done to much! Also dating can work on 7search!

    Good luck!
  4. schwuller

    schwuller Affiliate affiliate

    well i'm the king of digging up old posts today! but here goes:
    why on earth are you bidding CPM on facebook out of the gate with such a small budget? what is your reasoning there? if you don't test first to know how many impressions you are getting per 1000 impressions, then CPM is not yet indicated (my opinion). if for some reason your campaign is giving you an INSANE CTR, then sure go CPM. but not based on what i've read in your post above.
    try this (assuming you have not already figured this out): use the CPC model until you get your costs high enough that the CPM model is indicated.
    since on fb the cost per click is directly related to the CTR, use very very specific targeting (interests) to get that CTR up.
    on that same theme, facebook is interruption marketing, so the ad title needs to hit clearly (i.e. 'lose the acne now!') and the ad needs to hit as well (i.e. 'learn how to get clearer skin in just 2 weeks!'). remember this is not a search model; no one has TYPED in a keyword looking for something. your ad is appearing based on 'interests.' so you need to grab their attention CLEARLY and IMMEDIATELY.
    if you can get a high enough click through rate, THEN change possibly [/I ]to a cost per impression model. but start off with CPC because you are trying to make money here; you are not trying to get people to join your fan page, or paying to brand your product, etc.
    i would start my bids significantly higher (and use CPC not CPM) to get traffic (data). bid tiny, and you will not get enough clicks to have enough data to test, and therefore you will have no data to make decisions.
    then split test EVERYTHING. you need well over 100 clicks before you have enough data that would allow you to make any further decisions. ideally, you want three times that. then optimize based on the data.
    i hope that was of some help.

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