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MVP Award $100 Cash Prize for Most Valuable POSTER

Linda Buquet

This is only one of five FORUM CONTESTS - See all contests HERE!
We are giving away $1,000 in Total Cash Prizes. :)

$100 CASH Prize and an IPOD

IPOD compliments of <a href="">Joe Bucks</a>
(Just added 5/18) Thanks to go out to Gary McNelly!

Note: Since there are now 2 prizes, the 1st place winner gets their choice of prizes and the 2nd place gets the remaining prize.

The MVP awards will simply go to the 2 people I think stand out as good contributors, insightful posters, helpful 5 Star members. You won't need to do anything special for this one -except be a committed poster! There will be no vote, it will simply be the members over the course of the contest that I think deserves recognition. I will also be asking for input from Larwee, our Admin, and our 5 Star Moderators. (So be nice to them!) :)

Although a new member could win and the contest is open to everyone,
existing members will have quite an edge.

Why??? Because existing members that read my posts and replies to member posts,
know the types of comments, articles, member support and inspirational stories that
yank my chain... tickle my fancy... give me a rush... well err, you know! :p

A single great post won't get it either! The MVP award and cash will go to someone that really stands out as being active, supportive and very involved in our community.

CONTEST DATES: The contest begins Tuesday May 15th at NOON (**Forum time, PDT) and
ends at 3PM pm (**Forum time, PDT) on our anniversary, Monday June 25th, 2007.

**FORUM TIME, The forum is in California, Pacific Daylight Time. NOTE: The forum time is sometimes off by a few minutes, so be sure to get your entry in at least 10 min early to be on the safe side. We will close all contests at the specified time according to the forum time and there will be no exceptions.


To be sure you qualify to enter, see contest requirements, exclusions and contest dates.
Please be sure to read the link above which has the general rules for all contests.

See ALL the current 5 Star contests HERE!
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Linda Buquet

OK last but not least are the winners of the MVP award.
This award is near and dear to my heart and given from the heart.
There was no entering and no trick to winning. It is simply the most valuable 2 posters based on my humble opinion with some feedback from others thrown in too.

And the 1st Place winner of the MVP (Most Valuable Poster) is?

<a href="">jcorkern</a>.

He really stood out for me not just in the number of posts, but the number of really long, helpful and knowledge filled posts. He didn't appear to be posting just to try to win as some people did. He rarely posts a one-liner ? when he posts he?s full on giving advice to our members like he would if he was a consultant.

In fact he even said he has chosen 5 Star as the only forum where he give his advice for free ? that helped to win me over!

In this thread he said: Would you be willing to share your secret?
?I give my secrets away all the time here. This is the only forum i do it in?

He is also listed already in the 5 Star Hall of Fame for this post:
A FEW AMAZING "SECRETS" To making money online!
"The first secret is that there are no secrets. But basics will always take care of you. to make money online you have to run it like a business."
He follows with a long list of really good advice!

Here?s another big long well written article with lots of advice and helpful answers to member questions.

Plus there are many other helpful, insightful posts that <a href="">jcorkern</a> has posted, listed here.

So since jcorkern won 1st place I?m going to give him his choice of prizes.
He can have the $100 cash OR the iPod that was donated so graciously by JoeBucks.

Here is a pic and the specs: Apple iPod 30GB Digital Multimedia Device - Audio Player, Video Player...
It?s worth $244 so has a higher dollar value, but if he may already have one or would prefer the cash, so he can choose.

2nd Prize Winner?

Well this was harder. There are several people that I really feel have been working hard to to be good, helpful members. Some of the people that I considered as winners and would like to recognize for their 5 Star contribution are ? in alphabetical order Ayush (who already won guess the merchant and can?t win 2 prizes), fitnfree and Yanbiz.

So I did a random drawing and <a href="">fitnfree</a> is the winner!

She just joined at the very end of May but already has 54 nicely done posts.
Sorry hun. They say ?to the winner go the spoils? or something like that :p
so since you came in 2nd you get whichever prize is left after jcorkern picks.

Congrats to both of you on your MVP Awards
and thanks so much for your valuable contribution to our fine forum!


They say ?to the winner go the spoils? or something like that
so since you came in 2nd you get whichever prize is left after jcorkern picks.

No problem with that -- I rarely win anything so this is exciting! Thanks! ;)


<b>Senior Member - SEO Pro<br />Global Moderator</

I wish there were something magical i could say. But i am at a loss for words right now!

Congrats to fitnfree

Thanks, and it is an Honor!

This was a total suprise as i have not won any contest either.
I will take the cash, I do have one already. I am sure fitnfree will enjoy it as i do.

Thanks again,


<b><font size=2>In Memoriam - Loyal Administrator<
jcorkern, we owe some thanks to you for the many quality posts you have made here in the 5 Star Affiliate Marketing Forums.

Your posts were quality posts that are very helpful to members and visitors who read them.

We look forward to many more of your posts in the future.

Linda Buquet

Yes thanks for the great posts. I talked to jcorkern by PM to get his Paypal address so I can give him his prize and will contact Fitnfree to award her the iPod from JoeBucks.

Thanks again to Gary at JoeBucks for donating a great prize.

Congrats again you too winners!