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must know info - this is how tracking sotware works?



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Hello Affiliatefix members :)

i want this tutorial to answer all questions of CPA marketers who don't understand tracking:).

this tutorial will take you step by step until you you know how to build and track your CPA campaign properly.

so i will not talk about any kind of tracking but CPA. but the principle is the same :)

###### lets all start#####

how tracking softwares works ?.

whenever a visitor opens a tracking url , immediately the tracking software identify him with a unique id .

and you will know later why That :)

so when the visitor 3 enters our tracking System he gets identified with id:JHBFG6JB2GD as you can see in the picture.

now what the tracking system will do ,
it will capture all the information about this visitor such as .
all the things that his browser supports (js,flash....ect)
operating system
screen resolution
time & date
landing page that he visited

all these Information will be associated to the visitor number 3 with id:JHBFG6JB2GD as we said before :)

now the tracking software repeats this with any visitor that enters .

now lets suppose that the visito3 with id:JHBFG6JB2GD enters. then he got redirected to
landing page1 => clicked call to action button => went to the offer => completed the offer :)

the question is how we are going to know that this visitor converted or not ? .
in order to know that, we have to append this id:JHBFG6JB2GD to one of the sub id's that the CPA networks gives us :)
we can use s1,s2,s3 in maxbounty CPA network
and our link will be like this


now when this visitor converted Maxbounty will tell us that this visitor with id:JHBFG6JB2GD is converted and we will find that in our dashboard or we will setup our post back url so that this id well be sent to our tracking system automatically .
now i think you understand how the tracking software works .

any questions let me know .