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Mortgage Affiliate



Mortgage affiliate


We have recently launched a ERLS Mortgage affiliate program. (targeting web site) (affiliate program page)

We are different from the competition because we pay you more.
It's free and easy to get started with our affiliate program.
You simply place our banner or link on your web site and when your visitors complete our online form or click on our banner.
We pay you.

Details of the program:

$5,00 - $15,00 per one form.
$0,20 per one click on our banner.
Bonus incentives for high volume.

2.Payment methods:
Personal check, Money order, Paypal, Wire transfer.
Weekly pay.

3. Statistics:
You will able to see full details report about forms generaration in real time.
Lead verification time is 30-50 minutes.

4. Support:
We want to speak with you directly to choose the best campaign.
We always checking our mail.
+ 1 818 728 1363 David\Dmitry

5. Media:
More than 20 banners.
(Flash\Statics). We can create banner for your web site design.

6. Forms:
Refinance mortgage, Home Equity, Home Purchase Loan, Debt Consolidation,
Life insurance, Auto Insurance, Health Insurance , Home Insurance, and Long Term Care Insurance forms.

The program is for webmasters who are wiling to dedicate a few minutes to link to us
and see their profits rise. We convert well with any traffic.

Please learn more on our site or call us. (+ 1 818 728 1363)
Sign up and start make money with us.

14900 Ventura Blvd. #210
Sherman Oaks
California , 91403
D and D Marketing Corporation