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Mobile CPA Optimizations/Bidding/General tips

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by sihlous99, Apr 20, 2015.

  1. sihlous99

    sihlous99 Affiliate affiliate

    Mobile CPA Optimizations/Bidding/General tips

    Hey all...I was trying to write a guide but it kept ending up with too many ideas smushed together. Instead I'll throw some optimization and basic strategy ideas that can be used just about anywhere. This information will be more for CPS offers than CPI.


    1. If you're on a budget...Find an offer in the $2-6 range...The payout of an offer will generally reflect the cost of traffic in that country with the conversion rate being a factor as well. Make solid category choices and you can start seeing conversions before you hit $20. Countries in Asia and LATAM are a solid place to start.

    2. If you want simple...Target Iphone and 1 carrier at a time...I constantly see offers where I'm told Android is converting best. This could mean anything...Highly targeted traffic...Only a few devices...While not a bad thing I look to blacklist bad devices...Not whitelist good ones. In my experience Iphone hangs with the best android devices. Targeting 1 carrier at a time makes it easier to see your CPM and CPC for that carrier. Most platforms can't split data like an airpush...Carrier targeting will make or break a campaign and being able to compare an accurate CPC with your EPC can make a massive difference.

    3. Site-blocking is important for any single campaign but has massive value to your other campaigns too. Sites/Apps generally have the same type of users from country to country. Save money and blacklist the sites/apps that didn't convert in your last campaign. You can always add them in later...The blacklist can save you a lot of money but a whitelist can give you a ready-made campaign. Take tapit for example...You just tested an offer and found 7 good sites. Find a similar offer in another country...Whitelist only these sites...You'll have a great chance at having a profitable offer on day one.

    4. Here's a few variables you need and how you can pass them at Jumptap/Tapit. Make every category you're going to target it's own ad group...Name the ad group after the category...Use only one category per ad group. If your targeting the category social media...Your ad group name will be Social media. Make your affiliate link look like this: http://xxxxxxx&subid=JT_SITE_JT_ADBUNDLE_JT_OPERATOR_JT_HANDSET If you have multiple subids it will look like http://xxxxxxxxx&s1=JT_SITE_JT_ADBUNDLE&s2=JT_OPERATOR&s3=JT_HANDSET Jumptap doesn't have a way to send the category...By naming your ad group after the category you can pass this info back with the ad bundle var. This is the crucial info....The site and category...The carrier...The device...Even if your only targeting Iphone get in the habit of tracking the device. You can pass all the same info from tapit. A tapit link could look like: http://xxxxxxxxx&s1=[site]_[channel]&s2=[carrier]&s3=[phone_model] Pass any and all info you need.

    5. Lastly...Some bidding advice/suggestions. You really won't know how much traffic you're tapping into until you put your bid out there. Once you bid...Wait a bit to make sure you don't get slammed by traffic...2 things can happen when you increase your bid...You might outbid someone or you may go over a sites minimum bid. With the exception of Jumptap...You don't want the very cheapest traffic. You'll generally get some traffic at the minimum bid...There's a reason it's there...Everybody else didn't just miss these high volume/dirt cheap/convertin-ass clicks. They threw money at it...It didn't convert...They moved on. Skip the part where you lose money.

    6. Lastly again...You will notice on many platforms it will say Day Parting (Optional). This is a lie. It is NOT optional...Figure this out as quick as possible and use it on every campaign. After multiple campaigns in multiple countries in multiple niches...I stopped testing it...People get up at roughly the same time...They go to sleep at roughly the same time...And they convert more often at roughly the same time.

    The numbers in the pic below are of a campaign where my CPC was around 0.065. This is several weeks of data. I have it sorted by RPC to show you what a difference it can make. From 15-20% ROI to 70-90%. Not only did these hours convert poorly...They were more expensive! Had this campaign been just a bit worse I would be losing money on a large portion of clicks. Think how much money can be saved on testing...Not only that but you might salvage a marginal campaign.

    Daypart hours.gif


    I hope this info helps you make or save money.
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