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MMO Street - Game currency affiliate program, 10%+ commission!

Discussion in 'Business Centre' started by MMO Street, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. MMO Street

    MMO Street Affiliate affiliate

    Hi there,

    I'm Clark from MMOStreet.com. I am the affiliate manager here and I'm here today to tell you about a new affiliate program we're offering.

    MMO Street sells game currency for a serie of popular online games, also called MMO(G)s (Massive multiplayer online games). For every customer you send our way we offer 10%+ commission on their order(s).

    Game currency is easy to sell, its a virtual product (no post delivery), has low prices and is greatly appricated by our customers. Thus it makes it a profitable product to market for affiliates (I used to be one too, in this specific area - I hope I know what I'm talking about :)).

    Currently we offer currency for the following games:
    Anarchy Online
    Dungeons and Dragons
    Eve Online
    Everquest 2
    Final Fantasy XI (US)
    Guild Wars
    Lineage 2
    RF Online
    World of Warcraft (EURO)
    World of Warcraft (US)

    We also sell accounts and buy currency. Our strategy at the moment is to offer the lowest prices in the market, knowing that the gold industry in WoW alone sells multimillion dollar values every month MMO Street is a great place to start your MMORPG-affiliate career (and why not join pleasure with work? Thats what we do!). MMO Street also truly cares for its customers, we are here to stay and thus we make sure to deliver on our promises, both to customers and affiliates!

    To join the affiliate program, please sign up here: Login or join to our affiliate program

    If you have a very popular page related to gaming / online gaming already please dont hesitate to contact me for additional upgrades to your commission. We are very interested in exchanging static text links for higher commission.

    If there are any questions for me or about our company, please dont hesitate to ask.
    MMO Street.com
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