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MLM New Definition - Crack Me UP!

Linda Buquet

Was just scanning Digg to find something to blog about.
This title caught my attention.

(For those that don't know I'm pretty anti-MLM - ESPECIALLY MLM programs that try to fool people into joining by pretending to be legit affiliate programs.)

Multi Layer Marketing vs Affiliate Marketing
"Have you ever been in a forum and met a poster who wrote a really inane comment such as “sure that’s great” or just blatent spam. Normally these darlings have a link in their signature to an E-Book but what are they doing and why are they polluting forums, news lists and anywhere else they can find? Welcome to MLM or multi layer marketing.

Multi Layer Marketing vs Affiliate Marketing

I'm not sure if this was a typo, a misunderstanding, a language translation problem or what. BUT I think it's pretty funny and pretty descriptive!:D