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Mine is BIGGER than YOURS! The Guru Game!

Linda Buquet

I NEVER do JV's in fact I HATE that word. I turn down several JV offers a week from people that think just because I have a well read blog I want to play the game with all the other gurus. The word JV, for me, conjures up visions of crappy ebooks and long hypey Internet marketing sale letters and everyone here knows I really hate that kinda junk.

But Anik is a friend, so I told him I would do a JV with him to help launch PPC Classroom. So then, like with every other product launch, my inbox is getting POUNDED with crappy hype and the MY Bonus is BIGGER THAN YOUR Bonus sales pressure from all the Gurus that play the same game with every product launch.

Read the rest at the 5 Star blog:
<a href="">Gurus Play MY Bonus is BIGGER than YOUR Bonus</a>

(The picture is worth a thousand words!) :p :D