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Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by hazmil, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. hazmil

    hazmil Affiliate affiliate

    Hey there. I would like to get advice from some pros if possible.

    I want to promote a CPA dating offer from peerfly. I have an account at sitescout and I was thinking whether should it be the best to start?

    I cant post links here but it is the singles 30+ ( For anyone with a peerfly account)

    The problem here is I do not how to approach.

    I feel that the offer is good and I have whatrunswhere.com so I would emulate the banners that are doing well for other big advertisers.

    Should I use another dating offer? Building my own landing page. Please , some advice.
  2. newbidder
  3. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Why this offer may I ask?

    Have you researched your demographics on the offer?

    I would suggest a pre sale lander yes...are you going with RON or bidding on specific sites?
  4. hazmil

    hazmil Affiliate affiliate

    I do not know why this offer. I mean should I go for another offer. This offer has already a lander on its own.

    I researched this offer and the demo itself is older men/women.

    I thought my initial approach would be a 0.10CPM bid on clickcertain or on sitescout and optimize.

    Do you think that is a good approach?

    In accordance to lander, i do not know any web design languages. But I do not want to pay $50 for every lander a designer makes for me. is there any service that I can use to make lander. I heard of Unbounce. Any reccommendations?

    Also, how do you get ideas for the types of lander ( quiz, normal landers, etc). Do you stick with a specific lander and test the headlines and picture till you reach a positive ROI or do you test all types of landers and choose the best one to make changes?

    Thnks so much in advance
  5. crysper

    crysper Moderator moderator Service Manager affiliate

    You need only simple lander templates. Find some dating landing page templates and modify the the text. Btw, you need to know a bit of html and javascript when starting in aff marketing...not too much, just the basic so you can edit templates.

    If you want a service to create landingpages, you can try www.easel.io, it's 15/month or they have a free plan limited to 3 landing pages, check it on https://www.easel.io/#plans

    About testing the landers... the headline, image and call to action are the most important(and makes the lander). Start with a basic layout and test these elements first.
  6. hazmil

    hazmil Affiliate affiliate

    Hey there. Thanks man.

    How would say the RON method of approach? would you say its okay? any suggestions?

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