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Mass Emailer Software


Hey All,

Does anyone have advice or information on a good bulk emailer software for html offers? I'm using a basic one now, but it's very sloooooooow and only gives me the number sent/failed/removed. It also has a problem when I use my Million+ lists. Which softwares are the super affiliates and giants in our industry using?

Thanks in advance.

Linda Buquet

Mass Emailer Software as in spamming software???
Sounds like it when you say "Million+ lists"

Or are you asking about regular email management, newsletter type software
that handles high volume lists?

Are all your emails double opt-in? For any good legit mail software
they need to be.

And if you are sending affiliate emails and not complying
with Can-Spam then shame on you. You give us all a bad rep!

(Not saying you are, just making a point since it sounds that way.)


not a spammer :)

Hey Linda:

Sorry if my email came across that way. I would never get into the world of spamming nor work with them. I guess I used the wrong terms to deiscribe what I was looking for. I need a list managment software for my can-spam compliant opt-in, high volume email lists. My list is very targeted and I remove any and all whom unsubcribe. I'm just looking for a better/faster software to help me out.

thanks for your reply.

Linda Buquet

Well I didn't THINK you were, but in case anyone else read it that
thought it was OK. That was my little rant for the day. :p

Most affiliates seem to use Aweber. I get some newsletters too from Constant Contact and Vertical Response, plus there's always Lyris.

But I'm just throwing out names. Havent done a recent comparison. I used to do marketing for Cooler Email and when I did I knew alot more about the industry players and what they offered.


From what you describe it sounds like you have a large volume of emails to be sent. Most all of the autoresponder and newsletter services have a cap limit for each monthly price. So be sure and have a round about estimate of your monthly volume before signing up with any service.

As far as recommendations the ones Linda mentioned as well as GetResponse and YMLP are two other mail service providers. Also you might look into Email Aces they have a free account you can try out but might not work for you if you really have a large volume of email to send.


I've been using the service at

They offer a sliding rate based on how many subscribers you have and only charge once a month, even if you send out 20 mailers (must be on the same "contact" list.) in a month. They allow for basic HTML and have predesigned formats so that your mailer always looks professional - you can even change the color formats within if you'd like to.

It's also can-spam compliant and offers double opt-in.

Give it a looksee when you get a chance - They've come through for me for almost a year with no complaints.


New Member
How about the free open source PHPList? It's available for free download at but you need to install it on your own web server. :)


Group Mail Plus

You might try Group Mail Plus Software. They seem to be quite reliable.