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Marketing to Boomers - Tips and Tools

Linda Buquet

Boomers are one of the biggest market segments out there and more of them are shopping online every day. <strong>They also have $1 trillion in disposable income!</strong> Baby Boomers are now Seniors looking to live the most active, healthiest lives possible. If you have Boomer visitors over 50, here are a couple resources that could boost your marketing success.

<strong><a target="_new" href="">cRANKy</a></strong> is billed as the first age-relevant search engine. This new Boomer search engine yields fewer search results than Google and Yahoo but ranks them based on their relevancy to older Web users. Here are a couple ways that Cranky can help with your marketing efforts.

1st cRANKy <a target="_new" href="">shows you top searches on the home page</a> so you can see what seniors are searching for. You can also check out the 2006 top lists of the most popular people, places and things affecting the 50-plus community.

<em>What is the over 50 crown searching for? It ain't Britney Spears! </em><strong>Top cRANKy Searches of 2006 -
1. Brain Builders 2. Stephen King 3. Body Mass Index 4. Work From Home 5. Blogs
6. Elderhostel 7. Make New Friends 8. Jobs After Retirement 9. Triathlon 10. Reiki</strong>

I'm not sure where they get their SE results and didn't find a site submit button. But 5 Star is #1 for Affiliate Blogs, like it is on most engines, so I assume they are pulling data from someone.

cRANKy is owned by <a target="_new" href="">Eons</a> which was started by Jeff Taylor, the founder and former chairman of Eons is a hybird social networking site for seniors, so they offer blogs and forums. If you are over 50 yourself and want to interact with other Boomers there are a <a target="_new" href="">variety of groups you can join</a>. They also offer lots of different <a target="_new" href="">advertising options</a> to reach this demographic.

I'm sure there are also lots of other senior social networks, but with the backing this one has and an Alexa ranking of 21,265 (if that matters to you) this looks like one to keep your eye on.

Linda Buquet

Adotas just came out with an article about this today.

The Digital Generation Gap: How Brands Can Capitalize on the Growing Senior Online Set

"Well let me paint a different picture. There are 11.5 million Seniors who regularly access the Internet, defined as those 65 or older. Jupiter expects that number to double by 2010. Whereas only a third of the Senior population is regularly online today, in 2010, online Seniors will represent half of the total Senior population. That makes Seniors the fastest growing segment online. That?s right, they?re growing faster than any other audience, including children and teens."

Linda Buquet

Hey Bobbie, if I join Eons will you be my "friend"? :p

Who cares who's cane you got, we can share! :p

If I get cRANKy will you still love me??? :D

BTW my son and his wife are at the hospital in labor right now, so I'm about to be a grandma again.
You can bet I'm feelin old! Excited, but old!