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“FunnelFlux  Zeydoo

marketing concept

basically one should be able to adopt the concept of the present marketing to be able to make ones market through some of the tough competitors to be able to reach your target consumers... everything is affected through time this changes is also due to people's continuous way of seeking for development... through time people's interests change... and to be able to get people's attention find ways how to get them...


Marketing is the process to make prospects come to you and buy from you, then make them come back as well as buy again and again.

Marketing is the base of all moneymaking and business skills.

If you want to build and develop a business you must know marketing.. It is the fastest way to achieve success.

The more you understand about marketing the bigger your profit will be.

PV Reymond


Marketing: Creating a message, a call to action, and monetizing on reaction.

If you do not have the knowledge base to get that message to the most reactive people/groups/segments, you are going to shoot blanks until you turn blue.

As time goes on, trends and rules will always change from technical aspects, to people's knowledgebase, to product versioning, to marketing tactics etc. Look around you - EVERYTHING is advertising these days, perhaps you are conditioned as a consumer not to see past it, but successful ad campaigns are ALL around you ALL the time. Getting bombarded with flyer at home, along with TV ads, Computer ads, to your driving with billboards, to your shopping with upsells/specials/sales, to your walks around town with signage and calls to action everywhere...

Marketing yourself and or your product/service is essential in today's business. Especially if one plans on creating wealth from the comfort of their homes. Keep up with the learning curve, and perhaps get involved with a real marketing course/school, sometimes those fundamentals are truly needed before you jump into a game like most are in here.

All the best to you and good luck with your marketing curve.

Arun Lakhera

xplain y its imp to adopt the marketing concept in today?s very competitive environment
pls i need help with this question! :( :confused:

Have you ever driven a vehicle on a busy road? You have to search for space between large, medium and small vehicles to drive. You have to do it otherwise you cannot reach your destination. Today marketing for a product is just like driving on a crowded road. If you don?t have ideas, you can never achieve success.