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Manual Web Linking Service Promo

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade' started by zillionmax, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. zillionmax

    zillionmax Affiliate affiliate

    To all Website Owners:

    We exists to provide Web linking!

    I have a good number of online partners here in the Philippines
    who are ready to do hard work for your websites, the very time
    consuming online promotion on major search engines, the manual
    submission of your website.

    Service Code:promo
    Manual Directory Submission
    Details: We will manually submit 2000 One-Way Links from 2000
    business directories by submitting your site in different titles
    and categories. Full report for 1500 directories with URLs of
    linking. 10 days to process.

    Service Code:APP#1
    Manual Search Engine Submission
    Details: We will submit your site for 750 Active Search Engines
    with full report. 30 days to process.

    Service Code:APP#2
    Manual Directory Submission
    Details: We will produce 5000 One-Way Links from 3000 business
    directories by submitting your site in different titles and
    categories. Full report for 2500 directories with URLs of linking.
    30 days to process.

    Service Code:APP#3
    Social Bookmarking
    Details: Guaranteed bookmarking of your site in over 180 Social
    Networks. 15 days to process.

    Service Code:APP#4
    Blog sites Linking (Commenting)
    Details: We can comment in most famous blog sites for you. Includes
    2-4 lines of comment and 900 links from 500 blog sites.
    30 days to process.

    Service Code:APP#5
    Forum Sites Linking
    Details: Guaranteed 7000 links from 200 webmaster's forums. Link
    will be placed in signature of the forum member and listed in
    different categories and topics. These are busiest discussion sites and
    will tremendously increase your search engine ranking. With full URLs
    report. Will process in 45 days

    CRAZY OFFER: Order all services except Promo for only $380.00
    Note: Limits for manual submission is 50 links per day

    PM me

    AP Publishing
    45 Camia Street Green Village
    Concepcion Tarlac, Philippines
    eFax Nos. +632 3250744/45

    If order is placed. Send me the ffg:

    * Name: [Name of the website to be submitted.]
    * Your Name: [Your Name to be included along with the listing.
    Please provide first and last name.]
    * Title: [Please Provide Maximum 5 Titles.]
    * Description: [Need 2 Descriptions of 100+ & 400 Characters to use
    * URL: [URL of the site to be submitted.]
    * Categories: [Please provide Maximum 4 categories.]
    * Keywords: [Please provide at least 8 keywords.]
    * E-Mail: [E-mail address to receive the confirmation e-mail.
    Use seperate e-mail as other sites might send spams.]

    PR Details

    003 PR7
    010 PR6
    030 PR5
    180 PR4
    203 PR3
    496 PR2
    705 PR1
    615 PR0
  2. newbidder
  3. BungeeBones

    BungeeBones Affiliate affiliate

    Can you add BungeeBones.com to your list of directories please? It is just starting out but will grow to have many other directories linked together in a netwrok. One link submission will be shown in them all. Thanks!

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