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Making Your Private Label Rights Articles Unique

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by scottd004, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. scottd004

    scottd004 Affiliate affiliate

    What makes private label rights articles so valuable is that you can change them. Why is this important? Because the search engines and visitors like unique content. In this article we are going to look at how you can quickly and easily make your private label rights content unique.

    1) Change the title. Come up with what you feel is a catchy title for the article. For example, if you have a private label rights article titled ?How to Grow Tomatoes? then brainstorm and come up with something more powerful: ?How to Grow Plump, Healthy Tomatoes? or ?5 Secrets to Growing Plump, Healthy Tomatoes?. Are you starting to get the idea?

    2) Change the structure of the article. If an article has several paragraphs, each one covering a different point, then number each point. If the article already has each point already numbered you can remove the numbers.

    3) Add to some sentences. [/B]Let?s suppose you have a private label rights article that explains how to set up a website. The first paragraph explains that you need a domain name and hosting service. You can include a paragraph on how to register a domain name and find a web host, as well as discuss the general price range of domain names and web hosting.

    Here?s another powerful (and easy!)way to make the private label rights article unique: Incorporate your own personal experiences in the private label rights article. For example, if the private label rights article is about pay per click internet marketing, and you use this form marketing, why not include your experience? You then have some truly unique content.

    4) Remove or re-arrange sentences or paragraphs. If you think a sentence or paragraph does not add value to the article remove it. Also, see if any sentences or paragraphs should be re-arranged. If you think the last item in an article is the most important, then list it first.

    Using tomato growing as an example ? if the article lists 5 secrets to growing plump, healthy tomatoes - and you think the last ?secret? is the most important, then list it first!

    5) Re-write. Once you?ve added or removed some paragraphs re-read the article. Can any sentences be re-written so they are clearer? Are any sentences longer than they need to be? If so, re-write those areas. Also look for any ?big? words that can be simplified, so the article easier to read.

    While we?re on the topic of re-writing, you can also purchase software that re-writes private label rights articles or hire freelancers to re-write your private label rights articles. If you choose to hire a freelancer do some comparison shopping and get some samples of their work ? including the private label rights article before it was re-written.

    Now you know five ways to take a private label rights article and make it truly unique. Best of all it should not take that long, and you?ll be able to do it pretty quickly with experience. Most importantly, this skill will allow you to make the private label rights articles you purchase unique ? which is what the search engines and your visitors are looking for.
  2. terraleads
  3. iceforever.diamonds

    iceforever.diamonds New Member

    this can really be very helpful... article is really helpful in serp in building your links and having an organic content...
  4. ckoch

    ckoch Affiliate affiliate

    I once had a temp job where I re-wrote articles and what they had me do was replace keywords using a thesaurus. Thats another way, and you can also just create an outline using a group of different articles and then you type in filler. The best articles to write in my humble oppinion are strategies and step by step but a lot of people say write idea articles too.

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