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Making your first $1000-$2000 with media buy campaigns on a $500 budget (Part 2)

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by 9to5affiliate, Apr 22, 2014.

  1. 9to5affiliate

    9to5affiliate Affiliate affiliate

    Now with a budget less than 500 bucks you are to begin taking the steps to create a profitable media buy campaign...first step is the offer.

    Selecting an offer...here are the top offers' industries online right now

    1. Dating
    2. Health and Beauty
    3. Adult
    4. Biz-ops
    5. Coupon/discounts/daily deals
    6. Mobile
    7. Games

    These are the popular niches online you can select an offer from for your campaign...as you see dating tops the list of the world most appealing offer industires. But if you ask me, i would say go for the health and beauty offers -unlike dating offers usually with pay outs of $5-$10. Since it's your fisrt media buy you want an offer with a good payout say $35 so you'd be able to scale fast...and then again health and beauty offers have a world wide appeal making it fast and easy selling - if have a health problem you want it gone don't you especially when it's embarrassing.

    Here are 3 top heath affiliate network right now where you’ll never run out of Health offers to promote…don't need to wait for approval!

    Moreniche, Sellhealth, Markethealth...

    Moreniche is where to go to find all health related offers even though they don’t have a large offer-inventory like markethealth but their conversion seem to be doing great.

    Sellhealth.com focuses on a few like Anti-aging, Sexual, Weightloss (though recently they seem to be adding other varieties of health offers to their stock).

    Markethealth.com usually is where you’ll find all categories of health related offers from General health to Men’s health to Skin Care…

    You can sign up for any you choose.

    The best way to select the best offer...

    Now the best way to select the best converting offer from any affiliate network you signed up for would be to ask your affiliate manager straight up.
    When you sign up you’re assigned a manager; so you’ll need to contact him/her and ask “what are the top converting offers right now for display traffic”

    And they’ll get back to you in a timely manner with a list of the best performing offers at the moment.

    Affiliate Managers – Your Closest Ally…

    Tyler Cruz once tweeted - often times it feels as though affiiate marketing is 20% split testing and optimization and 80% negotiating and networking.

    Which is so true; you’ll need to have a good rapport with your affiliate manager constantly “nagging” him/her for:

    1. Marketing strategy guide on the offer – you’d say “what type of pre-sell landing pages are best suited for this offer and can I see one” …and anything else that comes to mind regarding your campaign.

    2. A bump on the offer (say your campaign is doing well driving hundreds of conversions weekly you’d ask your “affman” if they’d give you a bump on the offer, that is if the current payout of the offer is $35, they’d increase to say $35.60)

    That's it about selecting your offer watch out for part 3

    If you have any questions let me know below or just PM me!
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  2. newbidder
  3. bhatav

    bhatav Affiliate affiliate

    one of the best thread on this forum
    thanks 9to5affiliate for sharing :)
  4. uzzal15

    uzzal15 Banned

    :cool:Nice post. Will very helpful for beginners.
  5. andyjim

    andyjim Affiliate affiliate

    Very great info. Many thanks
  6. shania1014

    shania1014 Affiliate affiliate

    which traffic is best for skincare offer ?
  7. AjobKisim

    AjobKisim Affiliate affiliate

    Very great info. Many thanks

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