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Making Money with Instagram's Powerful Optin Traffic

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by thegreatamazing, Sep 8, 2016.

  1. thegreatamazing

    thegreatamazing Affiliate affiliate

    Hello guys!

    Today, I want to show you the power of Instagram traffic to provide you floods and tons of optins to your squeeze pages almost instantly upon implementing it! It also works in ALMOST EVERY NICHE you want to be in, seriously!

    Level of difficulty: Medium (to newbies). Very Easy (to pro’s)

    Note: This is NOT A FREE METHOD. You need an investment (more on this later). Though you can drive traffic to your links using Instagram for free, this guide is not about that. So what am I talking about? Just stay with me!

    In a nutshell, this is what you are going to do:
    1. Make your FREE GIFT for Giveaway (ebooks, video tutorials, reports, whatevah!)
    2. Set-up your squeeze page, landing page, optin page, whatever you call it + Autoresponders + Image for shoutout + Description of that image for shoutout + The targets description on their bio. (more on this later)
    3. Find an Instagram Account with ENGAGED followers (with at least 1million ENGAGED followers ideally).
    4. Contact the Owner of that Instagram Account and schedule a shout-out.
    5. Stay back, relax, watch some movies, while the optins are blowing up your email services :3
    6. Track, Rinse and Repeat.
    So yeah, you get the point now why you need to invest some money – because we will be using SHOUT-OUTS ;)

    A quick explanation on what is the role of shoutout in this strategy:

    Basically, you approach this Instagram owners with huge amount of engaged followers and then…

    1. You ask them to put your link (the link to your free gift) on their bio..

    2. You instruct them to post a picture of your free gift with a description beneath it which says something like -- FREE Gift: The Most Amazing Guide to Making 1million Online. Link in the bio.

    Sidenote: I hope you get the entire strategy now. Once they post that picture of your free gift with a description like that above, people will come over to their profile, they will then see the link in their bio which is pointed to your squeeze page and grab that free ebook you are offering..

    …. all for that in exchange for a payment..

    So here are some general results per shoutouts you make. Note that results are not guaranteed. It’s different for every people and instance.
    • Generally, you spend $150 to $250 per shout out on an Instagram account with 1Million+ followers.
    • For every 1,000 likes the photo will get will result to at least 150 subscribers.
    Of course, the likes the photo will greatly depend on how engaged the followers of your target account are. That’s why, I emphasized from the start that you should pick a huge account with ENGAGED FOLLOWERS.

    So now let’s talk about the entire steps in details..

    1. Make your FREE GIFT for Giveaway (ebooks, tutorials, reports, whatevah!)

    Content: Feel free make your own gift or outsource it. A great place where you can outsource ebooks is iWriter. A typical ebook ranges from 20 – 30 pages.


    Headline: After that, decide what to call your free gift. Make it great and catchy.

    Some tips:
    • Include numbers on your headline. People love numbers.
    • Provide Curiosity so people will have to optin and download your gift.
    So for example your gift is an ebook, you can make something like:

    “100 Stupidly-Simple Fool-Proof Little-Known Ways on How to Lose Weight in .00001 Milliseconds”

    Of course, I'm just exaggerating, but you get the point :D

    Cover: Now for the cover, you can simply just head-over to Fiverr and order one. Just search something like “ebook covers” and you will get tons of people who will do it for yah for a measly $5!


    Choose something great like this one:


    2. Set-up your squeeze page, landing page, optin page, whatever you call it + Autoresponders + Image for shoutout + Description of that image for shoutout + the target's description on their bio.

    Now I won’t get into details how you can setup a landing page and your auto-responder, because I know there are already lots of tutorials out there!

    Landing Page:

    Just make it clean simple, put your ebook cover on it and you're done! The autoresponder will then do the work for you to send the free gift! You can host your ebook pdf on google drive for simplicity.



    Pro tip: Maybe many will disagree with this, but people tend to optin more if you just get their email only. I always delete the “name” field on all the optin page I create :p

    For the autoresponder:

    Of course, set up your autoresponder to send the free gift immediately after people signs up. Then set your emails for the next days (your offers, blah blah). This is where you make money.

    Image for shoutout:

    Prepare the photo you will use for the shoutout. You can use Canva for this. Include your ebook cover. Put something like “link in the bio” in the actual image.
    Description of that image for shoutout:

    You may want to write something like this:

    FREE GIFT: Escape the 9 to 5. Live to the fullest by starting your own online business. Start your online journey today! *Link in the Bio*

    Here is an actual sample of what you are going to prepare:

    Pro tip: Include the target’s @IGusername after saying *Link in the bio* like this:


    What for? It acts as an eye guider and call to action. In simplest sense, it increases clicks!

    The targets description on their bio:

    Also prepare what you want them to post in their bio. This is what will be visible in their profile together with the link on your optin page. Example:


    3. Find an Instagram Account with ENGAGED followers (with at least 1million ENGAGED followers ideally)

    Okay let me clear this first: Never be afraid of choosing as low as 600k followers as long as they are engaged. It's all about engagement.

    Here are the steps on how to find legit instagram accounts, with huge engaged followings that are insterested on your free gifts, and is open for shoutouts.

    1. You should find instagram accounts related to your offer. For example, if I’m offering an ebook on “make money online" niche, I can look for accounts associated with “wealth”, “motivation”, “business”, etc.

    To do that, perform a search on instagram by tapping the “magnifying glass” icon at the bottom of the app:


    and then perform a search for these keywords like this:


    2. After that, inspect the accounts one by one. And look for this things:
    • Have at least 600k followers
    • Should have engaged followers
    • Accepts shoutouts.
    Now how do you do that? Simple! During our search, I found this account:


    Does it have at least 600k followers? Yes!

    How do you know followers are engaged? Simple -- Many likes or comments on their posts! This SIMPLE photo was posted just 10 hours ago (as of time writing this post) and it already had 8,561 likes! Awesome!


    So normally, I just scroll 10 or 15 photos and see if they have really engaged followers.

    How do you know they accept shoutouts? Easy, they most likely have an email address displayed on their bio:


    All you have to do is contact them and ask if they offer shoutouts. Easy as pie. So as you can see, this account can be our potential targets.

    So we can conclude that this Instagram account is a potential target for our campaign.

    Here is another account which is awesome to target too in the "make money online" niche! (million engaged followers)


    4. Contact the Owner of that Instagram Account and schedule a shout-out.

    So now this is pretty straightforward. Grab their emails and contact them. You can say something like this on their email:

    Subject: I’m interested in a shout out


    Hello Owner <= insert name of owner if applicable

    Your Instagram page (insert username of account), looks awesome! I was wondering if you offer shout outs?

    I’d like to giveaway an ebook blah blah blah...

    You can check out my landing page here: (link to your optin page)

    Here's my ebook: (direct link to your ebook so they don’t have to optin okay??)

    Let me know if you’re open with shoutouts, how much it costs and how it works.

    I have my image and description ready! (remember the images and description you prepared?)

    Looking forward to hear from you,

    (Your Name)

    After that, you will exchange emails with them, talk about how much will be the costs, and the time and number of hours your image will be posted.

    After that, depending on the actual scenario, you will have to:
    • send the image
    • the description that should appear under that image
    • the post you want them to write on their bio
    This is what the Step 2 is for! Okay?

    Pro tip: Study the best day and best hour to post in instagram! Choose that day to schedule your shoutouts so you get the maximum results.


    More info:

    5. Stay back, relax, watch some movies, while the Optins blowing up your email services :3

    Now here’s the fun part: Watch the optins roll in! If you crafted your autoresponder sequence well for your affiliate offers, watch the commissions rollin' too!

    6. Track, Rinse and Repeat.

    So you should track your results every time you buy shoutouts from different targets. Determine, what account get's you more leads in relevant to cost; what account gives you more optin rates; which account converts well for you etc etc. Study the numbers so you can choose the winning instagram account -- so you'll be confident to buy from them again.

    That’s all! After that, Repeat the entire process. Have new optins. Make money :D

    Some other tip: You can mask your optin link using Bit.ly if you want!

    That's all for now peeps! I hope you enjoyed this guide. If you have some questions or some things you don't understand, feel free to comment and I'll respond to you ASAP!

    *Please excuse my English. Not a native english speaker :p
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2016
  2. newbidder
  3. Oskar W

    Oskar W Affiliate affiliate

    great tutorial :)
  4. Cooper

    Cooper Affiliate affiliate

    I never interested earnings in Instagram. Good manual.
  5. Azeem

    Azeem Affiliate affiliate

    shoutouts are paid.. right ?
  6. Guinness

    Guinness Member affiliate

    cool but price per shout too expensive :(
  7. thegreatamazing

    thegreatamazing Affiliate affiliate

    Yeah, that's right guys! Shoutouts are paid.. As I've said, you need to invest on this but when your offers on your autoresponder sequence are converting, you can make 5x than what you spend :D
  8. thegreatamazing

    thegreatamazing Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for feedback guys!
  9. lafftar

    lafftar Affiliate affiliate

    Very cool method, how much do shoutouts generally cost?
  10. thegreatamazing

    thegreatamazing Affiliate affiliate

    As i've said above, per shoutouts generally cost $150 to $250 :)
  11. game333

    game333 Moderator moderator affiliate

    Great SEO Juices for AffiliateFix :D
    Thanks for posting anyway!
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  12. thegreatamazing

    thegreatamazing Affiliate affiliate

    I hope you enjoyed it mate!
  13. azgold

    azgold Super Moderator Super Mod moderator affiliate

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  14. thegreatamazing

    thegreatamazing Affiliate affiliate

    WOAHH.. I'm glad you like it too mate :D
    BUT I have to add more on this post. I just noticed I missed something important! Oh dear :p
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  15. thegreatamazing

    thegreatamazing Affiliate affiliate

    UPDATE: Edited the thread and made some changes on step 6 ;)
  16. internalsoul

    internalsoul Moderator moderator affiliate

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  17. Louis Philippe Facun

    Louis Philippe Facun Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for this! I wanna try but shoutouts isn't only post? I didn't know they also doing that
  18. thegreatamazing

    thegreatamazing Affiliate affiliate

    Yeah, that's what shoutout is all about on this method. You make them post about your free gift :)
  19. melite8

    melite8 Affiliate affiliate

    Great post,thanks for sharing.
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