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Making Money Online with Clickbank

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by josh87, Jun 3, 2011.

  1. josh87

    josh87 Affiliate affiliate

    If you have been involved with the area of making money online at all, then the chances are that you may have been involved with Clickbank at some point. Many people believe that Clickbank is not really a way to make any decent amounts of money these days but we think that it really depends on how you use the website. If you know how to use it right, then you will easily be able to make at least some money from the Clickbank website, which option you opt for. If you haven?t dabbled with Clickbank before, then you should know that there are two ways to make money from the website. The first of which is by actually creating your own digital product such as an eBook or such like. Once you have done this, you can add it to the Clickbank system and as well as you actually selling it yourself, other people will sell your product for you. The only catch is that they will get a certain amount of commission for selling your product. [​IMG] Another way that you can make money from Clickbank if you don?t have the time or skill to create a good product is to actually sell other peoples products. You will then earn a commission from these sales and generate some return. Now, the trick will Clickbank is one or two things. You will either have had to create a great digital product that people actually want to buy and that people are actually going to want to sell or you will have to have a good means of selling other peoples products. There are plenty of boring and quite useless products on Clickbank and if you step out of the box, then you stand to get a lot of interest in your product from affiliate marketers. Alternatively, you need to have a way of getting people to buy other peoples products and this is usually done using a highly targeted website that gets a decent amount of traffic. If you don?t have any plan with Clickbank other than to set up a simple website and have no traffic selling products, then you aren?t going to make much.
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