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Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade' started by cugama, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. cugama

    cugama Affiliate affiliate


    A few years ago-- when video was just becoming an effective sales medium, I built
    a small team to start testing it.

    Back then we had a client doing about 400,000 uniques a day (12.4 million visitors a month!)

    Whilst we had always tested my copy--I came to him with the idea of testing actual
    video... what was really crazy was that, with that kinda traffic we were able to get
    results pretty quickly...

    ...testing key variables to discover what WAS and wasn't working...

    After chopping and changing the video to test these key elements... 2 and a half months
    in we had actually TRIPLED sales.

    That's the difference between a good and bad video.

    I started doing this with a whole range of clients...

    12 months later...

    That year we did over $10 million with our clients as a direct result of adding video to their sales processes... and my client list continues to grow, working with clients doing as much as $50 million a year...

    Bottom-line... through knowledge and grueling testing, we know more about video than pretty much any other production team out there ...and we have the results to back us up!

    With the background I have in effective direct response copy... you're not just getting a fancy video that looks nice...

    Our production team is trained in direct-response sales as well as having the expertise and knowledge I have passed onto them...

    We make video that SELLS.

    Minimum Project Fee: $1000

    And we make no excuses. We are a premium service. We've seen other video guys here offering to work for the price of a couple of large Pizzas...

    If you think you can turn your product into a best seller and skyrocket your conversions for $200 - you're probably living in a drug-induced reality and not a good match for us...

    However if you realize that getting a video from us is an INVESTMENT and something that will pay for itself many times over...

    Let's talk!

    Contact us today!


    2. Visit http://VideoSalesLetterKing.com and leave your name and number... we'll call you!

    Thanks for listening,
    Josiah Humphrey
    Owner of VideoSalesLetterKing.com


    So How Does It Work?

    The process is simple… we can do just about anything when it comes to video!

    1. You contact us via Skype or at http://VideoSalesLetterKing.com describing what you want, including animation, style and theme, content, length, voiceover, and music...

    2. Then our video producers (some of whom have worked in the industry for as much as 12 years… creating commercials, and promos for high-end corporate clients) will take the video script and create a professional, compelling, eye-catching video that will FORCE your viewers into response—and ultimately add more to your bottom line!

    3. Give us 10-14 days and you’ll have a fresh, clean video sales letter that you can stick up on your site and WATCH as your conversions skyrocket!

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