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Make money and Support local charities with Peel2Save


There are very few business opportunities out there that sound almost perfect but Peel2Save is one of them. This is a scheme that was launched just a few days ago by one of the leading entrepreneurs in the UK; Nigel Botterill. Nigel has previously launched TheBestOf franchise and a number of other successful businesses so you know you are in great hands. The idea of Peel2Save is that you will be able to make money without having to do much work at all; at the same time, you will be able to help raise thousands of pounds for local charities. The way the business works is that you develop a new savings card named Peel2Save. This card basically contains stickers on them that offer discounts and offers from local businesses in your area. You will then sell these cards to the local community for ?10. Here?s the clever part however, you won?t actually have to do any selling at all as they are sold by local charities and not-for-profit organisations. But why would they sell them for you? Well, basically, they will because you give them half of the price they are sold for. This means that you will keep ?5 and you will give ?5 to the charity. This is a great idea that is a real ?win win? situation for everyone involved. All you have to do to get this business going is to convince local businesses to offer a few deals for you to put on the cards. However, this is extremely easy as it is completely free for local businesses to sign up and half of the money goes to charity which gives an extra incentive. This business is a franchise operation so it will cost you a small amount to get started. However, there are certain areas in the UK available for less than ?1000 so it is extremely low cost to set up. There are similar opportunities available in the US as well that work on the same business model so it is worth looking out for them if you are based there.