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Make Extra Cash Online by Selling Unwanted Goods

Michael Forward

You have heard of monetising your web site, but did you know that you could also monetise your entertainment collection? Allow us to explain... With the economy in a recession, we?re sure that you have thought more than once about selling some items that were very near and dear to your heart, all in an effort to make a quick buck. But there is a way to make money off of your possessions without having to give them up completely. If you sell DVDs online, you could make a profit whilst still being able to watch the movies that you love. It?s a simple, two-step process that only requires you to first convert your movie collection into a digital format. You could store your digital files on your computer hard drive (or an external hard drive), or, even better, store them on a cloud drive that takes up no space on your computer. The biggest advantage of having your movies on a cloud drive is that you can access them from almost any device and there is no need to have a bulky collection of digital video discs stored in your home. After you have digitised your entire movie collection, you could opt to sell them on an online retail site like eBay or Amazon, which gives you the advantage of setting your own prices and controlling who you sell to. It also grants you a much wider geographic area over which you can sell your discs. However, the downside to selling on sites like these is that you must pay for shipping and arrange for the discs to arrive safely and soundly to each buyer?s address. As an alternative, you could become a user on a site like MusicMagpie, which buys DVDs and more but uses a much simpler format. If you are looking for a way to move your DVDs that is fast and reliable (which means you don?t have to worry about online fraud), a service like this one can help you do it. Generally, services that buy back discs do so in bulk, and MusicMagpie throws in the extra benefit of covering the cost to send them in. Once your discs have arrived, the company sends you a cheque. The site also buys back music CDs and digital games, so the money-making potential triples when you consider this wider scope of sellable items. And unlike if you were going to sell them back to an entertainment store, you don?t have to worry about having items in mint condition. As long as they are fully functioning, you can just sell them online and earn money for savings, paying bills or spending right now just by clearing out your entertainment collection. Most people have been meaning to convert all of their music and movies into digital formats, so selling them online serves as an extra impetus to get it done. And as you are realising all of your New Year?s resolutions, this is the perfect place to start.