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    Want to go to one of the biggest affiliate conferences for FREE? Easy-breezy if you work with us!

    You understand it right - anyone who run traffic with LuckyOnline can go to the TES Affiliate Conference, which will take place from 13-16 September 2019 in Prague, Czech Republic, without spending a cent!
    What do you have to do to claim your free affiliate pass sponsored by us? Let's see:

    1️⃣ Visit Sponsored Affiliate Pass Guide Lines - TES Affiliate Conferences
    and read the “Sponsored Affiliate Pass Guidelines” very carefully.

    2️⃣ If you qualify for a sponsored affiliate pass according to the “Sponsored Affiliate Pass Guidelines”, click on the link on the bottom of the webpage.

    3️⃣ Start registering yourself. Once you get to the “I send traffic to” field of the registration process, please make sure to enter your LuckyOnline affiliate link including your unique LuckyOnline Affiliate ID.

    ⭐️ Aaaand that's it! You will receive a confirmation mail within the next 24 hours following your application. We are very much looking forward to meeting with you next month in Prague!

    ❓If you have any questions, don't hesitate and contact us through DM here, on Skype (dasha_013) or via Telegram (@ndariaa)
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    LuckyOnline's top priority is your high profit and we do our best to increase it every day. Our team adds new offers, creates new landers and prelanders, support managers are available 24/7 to help you with any question.
    And today we are going to share another great news!

    We have opened a new geo for you - Hungary!

    5️⃣ 5 top offers are available for this geo from now on, feel free to try it and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! You can do it through DM here, on Skype (dasha_013) or via Telegram (@ndariaa)

    Join us and we will make you lucky
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    TES 2019 Prague Ultimate Guide

    TES conference has existed for 10 years and every year professionals from all verticals meet there to have three days of networking, to talk personally about new features, plans and to discuss the future of the industry.

    Although TES is more about adult traffic, it covers all affiliate niches: from e-commerce and nutra to gambling and forex. It makes the event more attractive - every network and webmaster can find something interesting.

    These are not just words - LuckyOnline takes part in TES! We are both guests and sponsors and our team will be happy to meet each one of you at our booth P1 and meet-market 125. If you still don't know where TES will be - “Vienna House Diplomat Conference Hotel”, Evropska 15 Of course, we are pretty excited to meet new people and talk to our affiliates in person but we all know that attending a conference is fraught with a million other things that have to be thought-out in advance. And that is why we decided to make a guide with all the useful info you may need during the conference. Hope you will find it interesting [​IMG]

    Getting to the Venue Hotel
    First of all, you need to know how to get to a conference hotel. You are lucky if you live in Prague but most part of the attendees are people from other cities and even countries and it's easy to get lost. TES 2019 Prague will be held in Vienna House Diplomat Prague and there are three ways to get there:

    EPG Bill is offering a free airport shuttle for arrivals on the 13th of September and also a free shuttle for departures on the 16th of September. This shuttle runs between Prague Airport and the hotel.

    If you arrive at the main railway station, the easiest way is to take the nr. 26 tram towards Divoká Šárka and alight at Dejvická. 20 mins, a few euros and you are there!

    Taxi. Uber is available in Prague but it's better to use their own taxi - Liftago (their app is available for Android and iOS). Also, we do not recommend using AAA taxis. Speaking about the average cost - it's about 1 euro per km.

    Choose a hotel

    The second thing you need to know in advance is where to live, right? Let's see what options do we have:

    If you want the trip to be pretty cheap, then book a hotel near the place where TES will be held. We have chosen three best options for you:
    • Chic and Spacious Apartment - nice apartments just 5 mins walk from the TES venue. Your own flat for the days of the conference! About 200 euros for 3 nights. All taxes and wi-fi included [​IMG];)
    • Hotel DAP - a hotel 7 mins walk from the venue. 130 euros for 3 nights - the most cheap option for the dates in Prague! Wi-fi and breakfast included.
    • Masarykova Kolej hotel - 5 mins walk from the venue. 145 euros for 3 nights. Wi-fi, breakfast, parking, bar sounds great!
    Options for those who are planning to spend on a hotel about 270-350 euros for 3 nights:
    • Vienna House Diplomat Prague - Of course, the venue hotel. They give a discount to all the attendees for the conference days. So, there you can get a big comfortable room, free wi-fi and breakfast for 276 euros for 3 nights. The main thing is that you won't need to go anywhere in the morning - the conference is right there!
    • Silenzio - an awesome option with a very good breakfast, 15 mins walk from the venue. 320 euros for 3 nights and you get your own apartment with wi-fi, beautiful view from a balcony, mini-bar, etc.
    • Grus Apartments Prague - other apartments in Prague. 11 mins walk from the venue. 340 euros for 3 nights - a big TV, wi-fi, towels, well, everything you need to feel like home.
    The most expensive option is to live in the city centre. Everyone knows that the heart of a city is the place that never sleeps, the place where all the sights, bars and other interesting places are. Three options to live in the centre for you:
    • Residence Prague Life Masna - 13 mins from the TES venue by car. 450 euros for 3 nights and you get a super lux apartment with a huge TV, wi-fi, breakfast and an amazing view of the city.
    • Golden Prague Rooms - 11 mins by car from the venue. 450 euros for 3 nights, transfer from the airport, wi-fi and a big TV!
    • Gold Art Apartments - 12 mins by car from the venue hotel. 460 euros for 3 nights, shuttle from the airport, wi-fi, a terrace, beautiful view and everything you need!

    Events during the conference that are worth visiting

    Now let's talk about the conference. It's important to think about timeline and events you want to attend in advance to make your own schedule. Let's see what do we have:

    September, 12
    It's not even the first day of the conference but there are options for you to meet other attendees at small pre-parties. For those, who will be in Prague this day, there will be three worth visiting events - MojoCloud Early Bird Happy Hour, Click-Bid TES19 and Paysites Executive Dinner. We think it will be fun to attend any of them but our choice fell on the Click-Bid event [​IMG]

    September, 13
    First day of the conference. There will be no speeches but it's the day when companies can meet and talk to affiliates and other companies - meet-market! It will start at 15:30 and last till 18:00. Don't miss it - 140 exhibitors are waiting to meet you personally, have a little talk and give you some tips and bonuses.
    When meet-market ends, you will have lots of options where to go. Do you like speed? Then go to Karting Grand Prix at 18:00. Want to meet other affiliates and discuss the market news? Affiliate Business Club makes its traditional meet-up at 18:30. Two different Dinners at 19:00 and 20:00. And, of course, 20 Years of Good Mojo Opening Party at 22:00!

    September, 14
    Expo opens at 10:00 so make sure you slept well and had a good breakfast. Speeches will be from 10:00 till 18:05 with a 2-hours lunch (14:00-16:00). Right after the second conference day, most part of the people will go to amazing YNOT Awards Show that starts at 18:30. A great event that is just must-visit. And after it ends, Paxum shuttles will be waiting to get you to the ExoClick big party. It will be held from 23:00 till 5:00. But don't forget that the last day of the conference is tomorrow and don't drink THAT much [​IMG]

    September, 15
    Third and last day of TES. Registration opens at 9:00 but the first speech will be at 11:00 so take your time to have a good breakfast. So, speeches will be from 11:00 till 17:00. After the last speech ends, you have a chance to take a trip on a river – visit New Media Services&Flirt4Free River cruise! Perfect place to chill after such a conference like TES. But this is just the beginning.
    Two amazing events will be waiting for you this evening. Pineapple support gives a chance to everyone who plays poker to win 3 awesome prizes – take part in their Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament at 21:00.
    Right after this, our favourite Clickadu makes the greatest closing party and you can’t miss it – everyone will be there. Don’t forget – Sunday, at 23:00. The last chance to have fun with the attendees of TES!

    September, 16
    Thanks to EPGBill.com, there will be 12 free airport shuttles, you can check their schedule here - https://tesaffiliateconferences.com/schedule/

    What to see in Prague?

    Or maybe you want to hang in Prague a couple more days? Or maybe you are not a party person and going to walk around the city in the evenings during the conference? Then keep reading! We are going to tell you what places in Prague you may like and which ones are must-visit!

    First of all, you have to visit the Prague castle – it is the largest ancient castle in the world and if we might add one of the prettiest! Then have a stroll across one of the most iconic bridges in the world – the Charles Bridge. It connects Prague Castle and Old Town Prague – the most beautiful part of the city. Speaking of the best view of Old Town – better go to the top of the city hall tower. We bet that you will find this view breathtaking.

    Also, we have to say that we call Prague the city of museums – there is a museum for everything: beer, Jewish History, toys, toilets, sex machines, gingerbread, and 270+ others. Choose at least one and have fun!

    Prague: Czech cuisine and nightlife


    If we talk about food and drink – you really should try local cuisine. A giant pork knuckle and pickled cheese are strongly recommended. And, of course, you can’t visit the Czech Republic without trying one of the country's favourite liquors, Becherovka. This potent mix is distilled and blended with herbs and spices. If you are not a fan of hard drinks - raise a pint or five of tasty Czech beers!

    We have made a list of 6 best place with local food to eat in:

    0 - 15 euros
    • Kafe U ZeIenych Kamen & Restaurant - one of the best cheap options in the city. Reviews say that this place has very sweet desserts, good beer and even a vegetarian menu.
    • Restaurace U Matejicku - this cafe has been awarded with a quality certificate for the last 4 years! These guys have the most tasty local food in this price range, so don’t hesitate and try it out!
    15 - 80 euros
    • Mistral Cafe - good rate quality/price. Visitors say that food is excellent quality and good sized portions but stuff is a bit rude. And they also add that their menu worth it anyway [​IMG]
    • Czech Slovak Restaurant Lounge Bar - the service is attentive and personal and the ambience is relaxing and very pleasant. According to reviews, it is the best restaurant in Prague in this price range.
    80 - 150 euros
    • Bellevue - beautiful sight of the Vltava river and the Prague castle! Also, they have a lot of traditional Czech cuisine. We really tried but didn’t find a bad review [​IMG]
    • Mlýnec Restaurant - conveniently close to the St Charles Bridge and old town, this is a wonderful modern restaurant with classic cuisine. Tasting menu and selections off of the extensive wine list is the way to go.


    By the way, there is over 600 bars and over 100 nightclubs in Prague, so you’ll never have a boring night in this city. We have made a research and prepared 6 bars - 2 for every price range:

    0 - 30 euros
    • Craft beer spot - dozens of beer types, extremely friendly wait staff and live music in the evening – a very nice place.
    • Kasárna Karlín - a very cozy bar to chill with your friends. On Tuesdays, they have free movie showings.
    30 - 80 euros
    • Nightmare Bar - this bar is filled with horror memorabilia hanging on every wall and hologram pictures. Their signature cocktails are themed after some classic horror stories!
    • Hemingway bar - this dimly light prohibition themed bar is decorated like an extravagant Great Gatsby party. Rum, absinthe, and champagne cocktails are poured into dainty crystal glasses and surrounded by typewriters. Reservations are recommended but you can always sit at the bar. And pay your attention – cash only!
    80 - 200 euros
    • U Fleku - U Fleck is said to be one of the oldest beer halls in the city - it has proudly been brewing for over 500 years. Each room is filled with rustic paintings, cobbled archways, and suits of armour. They also have great traditional Czech food to pair with your beer. And every Friday, there is a weekly Cabaret [​IMG];)
    • Roesel - they are known for their phenomenal idea of the pairing of beer and cake (the Czechs can really match beer with anything if you give them a chance). Roesel is a nice spot to eat a rich chocolate cake with a dark beer.

    Night clubs
    Cool, isn’t it? Now you have a bar for every day of the week. But we will give you a bit more – three best night clubs in Prague (in our humble opinion):

    Lucerna is centrally located and one of the biggest night clubs + music venues in Prague. It is great for live music. The speciality is Lucerna’s 80’s + 90’s nights

    Mecca is another of Prague’s biggest clubs and stands by its name. It is Prague’s capital for deep house, techno, and electronic music lovers. This place is a bit pricer in drinks, but the party doesn’t end until 6 am, giving you more than enough time to make the most of your money.

    Cloud 9 Bar and Lounge
    It feels like one of those bars that James Bond would walk through to as he tries to seduce a Russian spy. The views from the top of Cloud 9 are stunning, and the bar offers a wide variety of interesting cocktails.

    Means of transport

    And finally, let’s talk about transport. We think, there are three ways to make journeys across the city:

    Public transport. The best option for those who are planning to use public transport in Prague is to buy a 72-hour Pass. It costs 12 euro and when you buy it, you are free to use buses, trams and metro! By the way, The Prague Metro covers all areas of the city centre and operates at 05:00-24:00. Trams and buses have almost the same schedule – 4:30–24:00.

    Taxis. The normal tariff is 1.55 euro from start and then about 1.1 euro per km. So, a 10kms ride, for example, costs about 12.37 euros. As we said before - Uber is available in Prague but it's better to use their own taxi - Liftago (their app is available for Android and iOS). Also, we strongly do not recommend using AAA taxis – they have tons of bad reviews. Also, unmarked cabs should be avoided at all times.

    Rent a car. A medium car like Skoda Octavia or Volkswagen Passat costs about 36 euros per day. You can rent a luxury one – BMW X1 or Volvo XC90 for 160 euros per day. Of course, you can get even Mercedes-Benz E-Class – it will cost 320 euro per day.
    So, we have review all the available hotels, found out how to get there, made a schedule full of the conference events, decided what transport we will use, where we will plunge into the Prague’s history and where we will eat and drink local food and alcohol. Phew, we guess that’s all you need to know now [​IMG]

    We bet, using our recommendations you will have a great time in Prague! Thanks for reading!
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    Guys, meet our TOP offers of the last week.

    3️⃣ Three most popular products among our affiliates. Set up campaigns and run them before it's too late!

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    If you just started to work with us, you may not know that we have a great thing for our affiliates - LuckyStore!

    When you run our offers, you get LuckyCash for every approved lead. And after this, you can exchange LuckyCash for any thing in our store! We have a really wide range of good there - from fitness trackers to the last technological novelties. You can check all the goods here - https://store.lucky.online

    And since we are always try to satisfy our affiliates desires, meet our new good - iPhone 11!

    Hurry up to get the latest Apple phone, set up campaigns and earn LuckyCash! If you have any questions - feel free to contact us through DM here, on Skype (dasha_013) or via Telegram (@ndariaa) and we will be happy to help you [​IMG]
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    You've been running traffic for a long time and know exactly what offers are in demand in the market? Or maybe you came up with a new cool offer idea? Then we will give you $200 ;)

    How is it?! Let us explain.

    LuckyOnline has the offers hunt! Reward - $200 to anyone who suggests a good idea for our offers list. This is neither a competition nor a contest - we are ready to pay you money just for an idea.

    How does it work?

    1️⃣ You got an idea for a product that may be succesful;
    2️⃣ You let us know about your idea through DM here, on Skype (dasha_013) or via Telegram (@ndariaa);
    3️⃣ Once you contact us, we will review the offer and test it;
    4️⃣ If your offer idea passes the test, you will get $200!

    As easy as it can be! Don't waste your time and give us an idea of your dream offer and we will add it to our network
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    What a cool idea! :)