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Affiliates Wanted LPSlurp | A tool you'll never close

Discussion in 'Business Centre' started by LP Slurp, Jul 19, 2019.

  1. LP Slurp

    LP Slurp Guest

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    Hello, affiliates!

    Friday is here and we're happy to present to you SaaS that everyone is talking about. LPSlurp - a tool you'll never close in your browser window.

    LpSlurp is essentially an online tool that allows you to download any site into a zip file.

    Benefits of using LPSlurp:
    - bypass cloaking
    - unlimited landing pages
    - auto tracking code replacer
    - useragent download selector
    - landing page cleaning and speed optimizer
    - and more you request

    Get 50% Grand Opening Discount for an annual plan NOW!
    Only till August 1st, only first 100 customers!

    Remember to apply LP50 promo code to grab your discount.

    Click here to experience!
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