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Hiring Looking for US virtual assistants

Discussion in 'Employment Opportunities - Offering' started by Mr.Owen, Jun 6, 2019.

  1. Mr.Owen

    Mr.Owen Affiliate affiliate

    I am currently looking for someone in the U.S. (which is really important) to help me with various stuff, mostly getting vccs for facebook ads which I am going to be needing a bunch of.

    This means this is a long term job offer.

    I will show you how to get the (v)ccs for free and I will be buying each one you get me + pay the balance, both upfront once trust is established.
    You can also put a limit on the cards to make sure it won't get abused.

    Again: It is fundamentally important that the person is from the U.S. because this only works with U.S. citizens (you actually have to live there physically).

    If you are interested, don't hesitate and hit me up.
  2. CPA Evolution
  3. Faelmaran

    Faelmaran Affiliate affiliate

    Aren't there any banks which already allow to release unlimited number of VCC's however only to one person ? What do you plan to do ? if that is so easy why don't you do it yourself then ? Or you aren't from US ? Let us more about that offer;)
  4. Graybeard

    Graybeard Well-Known Member affiliate

    Only an idiot would risk that --- seriously!
    All those cards are linked back to you -- the person they were issued to -- you are criminally culpable (Federal) if there is any wrong doing.
    Don't drop the soap in the showers at the joint.
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  5. Mr.Owen

    Mr.Owen Affiliate affiliate

    Whoa easy there buddy, I get what you're saying. I am just looking for ccs to run facebook ads with. Each facebook ads account needs one CC (an individual one). People that are experienced know that and there are whole markets around that of people offering CCs specifically for the purpose of facebook ads or even their whole ads account as a rental.

    I am not from the U.S. otherwise I would have done it myself!

    I am not looking for someone to hand me over their complete detail. I will be providing an ads account on facebook, you will have access to it and you will put your card into the account. The account will be in yours and in your control, but you will run my campaign(s). This way you can make sure that no one is doing anything with your CC as it's still in your control in your ads account that belongs to you only, but I need to be able to have an overview over the ads daily and tell you which campaign to pause or not (or just over team viewer).

    That's all I need. Salary/Pay for something like that is obviously dependant on you / the worker. I normally work with paying all of the ad spend of course + a certain percentage on top of it for your work.
  6. Graybeard

    Graybeard Well-Known Member affiliate

    LOL --the US government has your personal 'national' ID on any credit card you have (TIN [taxpayer identity number] and/or EIN).
    Anything that is done with that credit card comes right back to you and can be traced by the Internal Revenue Service.

    Well, find a US person and have him buy a Prepaid Card to use.
    PayPal him the money to put in the Prepaid Card's account that will be in his name for this 'enterprise'.
    Or, PayPal him enough to open a US based bank account and get a ATM/MasterCard Branded card for that account.

    Maybe someone will consider it.
  7. GrupoWayseer

    GrupoWayseer Affiliate affiliate

    Hey man!
    im looking for a good facebook ads/virtual CC seller can you hook me up?
  8. Mr.Owen

    Mr.Owen Affiliate affiliate

    Never mind guys I totally forgot to respond on here as I am not that much on forums these days.
    I just wanted to say that:

    I have found someone who supplies me with top tier facebook ads accounts and I have found out a way to do the cc thing as well. This thread can be closed now.

    @GrupoWayseer I might PM you later