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Looking for media buyer to join our friendly team

Discussion in 'Employment Opportunities - Offering' started by Amy Burg, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. Amy Burg

    Amy Burg Affiliate affiliate

    Looking for media buyer to join our friendly team to buy and optimize the traffic. This is a remote position with a flexible schedule.


    1. To succeed in working with 1 or more of the following: Google Adwords, Facebook, myTarget;
    2. To analyze and improve campaigns;
    3. To communicate with the rest members of our team to exchange experience to achieve best results.


    1. At least 1 year of professional experience in affiliate marketing (creating, managing and optimizing advertising campaigns etc.);
    2. 1+ year work experience in communicating with webmasters, advertisers, affiliate programs;
    3. Skills in analyzing statistics and optimizing your campaigns.
    4. Great skills in Google Adwords Cloacking.

    What we offer:

    1. Salary for this position is negotiable and depends only on your results;
    2. Job in a beautiful and experienced team, giving new experience and necessary knowledge to increase your income;
    3. A possibility to be promoted, depending on your results;
    4. Unlimited budget for your working campaigns.

    If you are interested in such job and think that you are the one who fits our team, contact us (Contact information will be left below).
    We do not need your CV, we need pure statistics and several words about yourself,
    We are waiting for you!

    Contact us:

    Email address: [email protected] com
    Telegram: @hraffiliate
    Skype: alexander_11371
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  2. CPA Evolution
  3. azgold

    azgold Administrator Administrator Dojo Master affiliate

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  4. affjobs

    affjobs Affiliate affiliate

    Worth checking out Affjobs @Amy Burg - you can reach exactly the candidates you need! Media Buyers aplenty.
    Hit me up if you need a discount for a listing.
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