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Looking for committed Affiliates

Discussion in 'Business Centre' started by TerryC, Sep 2, 2005.

  1. TerryC

    TerryC Guest

    Hi All,

    www.hometrack.co.uk are looking for committed affiliates to join the program

    Hometrack provide the most up to date independent survey of UK house prices & market trends via a range of competitively priced reports targeted at people buying, selling or just interested in property. With over 1 million searches for property price related products every month, the appetite for Hometrack products is huge and with a rewarding tier presents an excellent opportunity for affiliates to earn.

    11.5% < ?500
    15% < ?500 - ?1,000
    23% < ?1000 - ?2000
    29% < ?2000+

    cookie 90 days

    Affiliate sign-up: http://users.buy.at/affsignup.php?PROGID=344

    Come and take your share of an extremely fast moving product and sector.

    Oh yes, things are about to get better! Mid September should see the launch of Hometracks new site, which will bring more products.

    Keep a look out because I will be posting details as soon as everything is finalised.
    I hope to work with many of you in the future.

    Join us now and become part of the winning team!
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