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Hi there,

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Julia Foster

Linda Buquet

Hi Julia,

Welcome to 5 Star. I have seen you post this ad a couple places. A question and a suggestion.

"Get stuck in" What do you mean by that, just curious.

"make a GUARANTEED second income" There are no guarantees of earnings in this business. Affiliates get back what they put in and some put in a lot on certain programs and still get nothing back. I would hesitate using the word guaranteed.

My 2 cents...


Linda Buquet said:
"Get stuck in" What do you mean by that, just curious.

Hi Linda,

Thanks for a warm welcome ;)

by *get stuck in* I just meant - *join us*

As to the adjective *Guaranteed* I used describing the benefits of joining our program, - our program is very profitable if you know how to bring a targeted traffic. :)

Have a great day!


cigs are a tough sell online, unless you have laser pointed cig traffic... ie people looking to buy cigs online...

this program and all other cig programs dont not work (make sales) with general traffic...

BTW... it's obvious eglish isn't your first language.. ths is also a turn off to many affliates... especialy when there difficulty communicating...