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Looking for advice from those actually making money


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I would say that benefit of a forum such as this is to learn how earn money with affiliate programs. My goal is a steady stream of residual income from my efforts. If you are currently making money with your affiliate program, I would love any advice on what it took to accomplish that.

What things work..

What things don't work, and shouldn't waste time with..

Quick small results vs. longterm big results..

Basically, I know there are probably lots of strategies, but what would be the best way for someone just starting out to start seeing some results.

Thanks in advance for your comments


Many of these questions can be answered by digging through old posts. With that said, I earn 2/3 of my income from web publishing and I am a big believer in looking at long term profits rather than short term quick results. Web publishing is like any other business, you will only get out of it what you put in.

The key is not to delude yourself into thinking that this is a way to get rich quick. The Internet gold rush has been over for over six years now. There is very good money to be made with web publishing, but there are no instant shortcuts and one must run one's activities like a business.


noonzie said:
What do you mean by the term "Web Publishing"?
This basically means producing and publishing websites for one's self whether they are content websites like I focus on or straight affiliate sites tha focus on trying to sell other people's products.

Web publishing is different from web design or web development in that web development indicates producing websites for other people where as web publishing indicates producing sites that one will run them self.


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I think the quickest and best way to make money through affiliate marketing is to constantly test and evaluate what is working and what is not working. If you are looking at these results all the time, you will soon spot ideas which are in a different league of there own. If you then put more effort into developing these "diamond" ideas, you will be able to see it through as to whether it was simple luck that it outperformed, or it is in fact a positive direction to move in.