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Looking around at web-sites builders


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I was reading one of the other nembies comments about free web-sites and blogs .
One of the veterans mention as a place to check out.
I check it out myself, I wander around their site reading the information and looked at the template they offered ( they looked great ) and I didn't sign up this doesn't mean I will not do so ,I want to think about it before I jump into it.
I want to know they can afford to not charge their services.
I mean they seem to have all the bases covered when comes giving a possible web owner everythng they would want going from the first timer to the bus. professional.
So how do they make profit from doing ths?:confused:


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Naro, they also have a premium service that isn't free. It offers a number of tools which are not available in their free service. By making the free service available, some free service users are going to purchase the premium service. They generate income from the premium service.

They also have what they call advertising partnerships. They generate income from these advertising partnerships.


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Looking at free web-site builders

I was reading some of the other posted e-mails on the forum when ran across someone asking about free web-sites and hosting.
I visited the builder-host's web-site called
I liked what I saw the template so clean and crisp with a wide variety of themes to choose from and you must become a member
Now I asked how can a web-site builder offer a free web-site and hosting and see no profit from it at all.
I got my answer in an e-mail that's on the Newbie Forum look for "I need a web-site" username Naro then read the Reply.
It should give you better Idea of where I going with this.
A free web-site along with free hosting is right up my alley but if I do go get what I want for free.
Will I be cheating myself by trying to lower my expectances and allowing Builder-Host to place an Ad on my web-site to get it free.
Possibly getting locked into a agreement I cannot change even when I can afford to upgrade and update to the best web-site design template that's offered to me later on down the road.
I imagine there will be options on a prenumin site template that I may never use at all and money spend when culd used it somewhere esle.
I believe starting out with the Free basic web-site keeping it simple, clean, readable,and most of all fun to visit.
I can get generate more clicks.
I have not completely made up by mind right now.
I'm tossing around some domain names to use on my site no matter if I go free or pay.