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LOCAL Affiliate Get-togethers in YOUR AREA?

Linda Buquet

If you know of or want to spearhead a local affiliate networking event,
post it in this thread. We'll just keep adding to it as we find other meetings.


Did you miss the Summit OR did you make it, but didn't get enough affiliate schmoozing in??? If so, there are several smaller affiliate networking events coming up in Denver, Seattle, New York and Dallas you may be able to catch. These are small local affiliate networking and dinner events, promoted by Affiliate Dinner.

This is a great way to rub elbows and trade secrets with fellow affiliates and affiliate managers in a smaller more intimate setting. There is really nothing that will give you more of a motivational jumpstart - than getting together with other like-minded, creative marketers in person.

<strong>Denver CO - Tomorrow, Thursday, July 19</strong>
Join Walter Long and company for Denver's interactive and affiliate happy hour.

<strong>Seattle WA 98101 - This Friday, July 20 </strong>
Jamie Birch and Angel Djambazov are organizing a get together in Seattle this Friday.
Rumor has it Jeff Molander will also attend.

<strong>New York - Thursday, July 26</strong>
Join Stephanie Harris and others for a delightful dinner gathering in NYC. will provide delicious desserts.

<strong>Tentative Dallas TX - Thursday, July 26 or August 2</strong>
Nicki Mickels with is trying to sound out interest in a Dallas-area affiliate marketing gathering, so if you are in the Dallas area or likely to visit the Dallas area, give her a virtual hollar...

To get all the details and RSVP for one of these meetings visit <strong><a target="_new" href="">Affiliate Dinner</a></strong>


Along the same lines, Linda, it would be great to set up regular affiliate networking sessions.

That way, affiliates can find others local to them who are in the business which can provide motivation and fuel ideas for improving the business all around.

I'm currently in So. Florida (though I didn't get a chance to make it to the Summit -- which was about 30 minutes from me LOL), so if any south Floridians would love to get together for a meet up some time, I'm game. :)

~ Teli

Linda Buquet

Lots of Affiliate people I know are in Florida, I just don't what part of Florida they are all in.

I'm sure there's enough for a monthly meet-up if you want to organize it.

I'll help spread the word if you do. :)