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Little Things


:eek: Hi, I am new to the group, but I have received some great help already so I thought I would try to give a little back. :eek: I have been tweeking my site these last few days and have discovered that little things can mean alot.
I know that isn't news to alot of you, but it hit me and I thought I would share.
My copy wasn't exciting me. I found it a bit hard to read. My site colors are pinks and purples, the background is called coral but it is more of a pink...don't knock it unless you see it ...LOL. Black text just wasn't showing well no matter what I did, so I started playing with text color and found that a color called purple rain was just what I needed. Who would'da thunk it?
Another small thing I discovered came from an email I received from a potential customer. She wanted to know if I had a certain item in a certain size and could I ship it overnight? Mine is an affiliate store, that uses images from various merchants to sell their products. I had to explain to her how to click on the images to get the information she needed, that is when the lightbulb went on for me. Under all my images I have added click image for more information. Sometimes we forget that you need to lead some users by the hand.:cool: I felt really smart this morning so thought I would share with others, have a good day. Deb.

Linda Buquet

Hey Deb,

Giving a little back works! Why? The more you give, the more you receive.

Thanks SO much for sharing and it's really true. Sometimes we forget or don't notice the little things.

Want to know one of the best ways to test your site? Get your grandma or the old neighbor lady that doesn't work online much. Sit them down at your computer and ask them to go to your front page, then find XYZ product in purple and read all about the product then click to buy it.

Ask them to pretend you arent there - but have them talk out loud about every little thing they think or notice, or get stuck on. Don't help them or say anything, just sit behind them and watch.

They will tell you things like I can't ready the text or the background is too dark, or hmmmm I can't seem to find the buy button, or hmmm I wonder how I find out more about the product or see what other colors they have. Its a great way to do usability testing. Bottom line - if grandma gets confused or can't find the buy button, chances are many other customers will have the same problem. (Don't use your kids, they are so web savvy they can figure out anything.)

When I worked in corporate every time we redesigned the site, we'd pull in a variety of customers, different ages and different levels of Internet skills and do this. Customers who had never seen the new site would point out all type of things we took for granted or never noticed was wrong or could be done better.


Thank you Linda, that is so true and the more we learn the more we forget how confusing it was at first. :eek: Have a nice evening. Deb.