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List of Verticals and Horizontals

Discussion in 'Research and Intelligence' started by Graybeard, Dec 12, 2018.

  1. Graybeard

    Graybeard Well-Known Member affiliate

    • I found this list made by a web design company (photo, printing) -- so some items are specialized to that industry
    • Some of the items may be useless
    • However, there are many items apart from the "usual suspects" we see spoken of all the time here (e.g.; nutra, survey [ad infinitum])
    • Perhaps some new niches that you never thought of -- think out of the box ...

    change (*rename) the file extension to .csv then it will work ;) (excel/office libre/DB)

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  2. CPA Evolution
  3. Graybeard

    Graybeard Well-Known Member affiliate

    example of a sort in a spreadsheet:
    Apartment websites vertical
    Architectural photography vertical
    Attorney microsites vertical
    Autographix montages and car show display boards vertical
    Automotive digital publishing vertical
    Automotive photography vertical
    Aviation vertical
    B2B healthcare and healthcare IT vertical
    Babies vertical
    Baking businesses vertical
    Bars and restaurants vertical
    Birth photography vertical
    Board games vertical
    Book cover design vertical
    Bottles vertical
    Boudoir portraits vertical
    Catholic organisations vertical
    Charities and education vertical
    Charities and social enterprises vertical
    Charities vertical
    Children's merchandising vertical
    Chiropractors vertical
    Churches vertical
    Dating profile photos vertical
    Editorial illustrations vertical
    Equine portrait sessions with people (mostly high school seniors) vertical
    Fashion retail vertical
    Fashion vertical
    Feminine luxury graphic/web design vertical
    Fightwear apparel vertical
    Filmmaking vertical
    Film vertical
    Financial industry vertical
    Food vertical
    Formula 1 vertical
    Garden and plants vertical
    Golf courses vertical
    Hawaii volcanos vertical
    Healthcare industry vertical
    High-end senior photography vertical
    Holistic therapists vertical
    Horses vertical
    Hunting vertical
    Ice hockey vertical
    Illustrations for speakers and thought-leaders vertical
    Imagery for arts organisations vertical
    Infrastructure vertical
    Jewels vertical
    Law firm websites vertical
    LinkedIn profile pictures vertical
    Liquor branding & package design vertical
    Manga graphic novels vertical
    Marine industry vertical
    Membership sites vertical
    Metal band merch vertical
    Mining vertical
    Mixed martial arts vertical
    Motor industry vertical
    Mountain sport (outdoor industry) vertical
    Museums and exhibitions vertical
    Musicians vertical
    Nonprofits vertical
    Online entrepreneurs vertical
    Owner and pet portraiture vertical
    Personal vacation photographer vertical
    Pet industry vertical
    Pets vertical
    Pro athletes vertical
    Promotional products vertical
    Real estate agents vertical
    Real estate websites vertical
    Recruiting material for universities vertical
    Restaurants vertical
    Rock concerts vertical
    Rockstars vertical
    Rodeo stock photo vertical
    Science-related businesses organizations and academics vertical
    Sports vertical
    Sweet sixteen celebrations vertical
    Targeting US clients from abroad vertical
    Tattooed brides vertical
    Tennis vertical
    Tinder headshots vertical
    Translators vertical
    Visualisations for interior designers vertical
    Wargaming vertical
    Wedding invitations vertical
    Wine bottles vertical
    Wine vertical

    Possible verticals for website SEO?

    Tattooed brides at DuckDuckGo

    LOL :)
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  4. Graybeard

    Graybeard Well-Known Member affiliate

    who's marketing the Chiropractor's vertical (leads)?
    Talk about a long term business :D
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