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List of Most Helpful Free Web2.0 Sites for Marketing a Small Business...


I wanted to start a thread to get a list of the MOST HELPFUL free web2.0 sites out there for marketing small businesses. I know of a few (and I'll start the list), but please add on (especially lesser known sites that you think could be helpful). I'm curious to see what's out there. Please list the site and a BRIEF description of what it does/how it's useful.

- Create and edit your own podcast and then link up with interested listeners in your marketing demographic. Fairly simple and very interesting way to use web2.0 for marketing (especially if you have some quality audio)!

DealLauncher - Create a free webpage about your latest special or sale, load in your email list and the site will send out a link to your new page to everyone on your list...eliminate printing costs and still professionally promote your specials!

WordOfBlog - A community based network dedicated to sharing/blogging about things that they like. If you're able to get some positive buzz going it can be a useful and free way to get some positive online word of mouth!


Web 2.0

I know a lot of people are using social bookmarking sites Seems the way to go at this point and its a lot more profitable in the long run


I was able to get 2 double indented listings on the 1st page of Google for my keywords using blogging and that's considered a Web 2.0 marketing technique.

Also, I'm starting to really get a ton of leads from My Space since I've added a link to my leads capture page within the content of my profile.

I'm psyched!