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Links are your customers
Content is your salesman

Content is the real factor in a website. Links are the map SEs follow to get there. So just like having the best store in the worst place get no customers and the worst store in the best place keeps no business. Links are worthless without content, and contect can't help if no one knows your there.

So I suppose both are important but I would say content is more so. Once someone likes what you have they will be back and tell others how to get there.
Think about that "special" place you like to eat that "nobody knows about". They most likly do good business and you share it with people that count. In the same manner great content grows its own customer base.

You just have to get a couple people in first :)

I'd like to hear from you too!
Have a super day
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Build it and he will come :)

Both are of equal importance but fresh content will help keep people coming back.


Compelling and informative content is king in affiliate marketing.

Compelling content keeps our audience reading and wondering what's next as the information is teasing them along. If we are connecting with our audience they are saying yes or are in agreement in some way with our words. The important thing about information is to give just enough but not enough to satisfy, otherwise they won't click the affiliate link!

It's almost like a conversation, one that says, I understand you or your needs as I have experienced the same and have found the answer, so Click Here.