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I recently purchased a few links from a New Site. The links were very affordable. And it seems to be a pretty good traffic return on my investment. LinkExperiment is a New Site where the idea is that you bid on link position on the site. The higher the Bid the higher on the page your link is shown. The links are lifetime links so they stay on the site until your bidded amount is too low to stay on the front page. Take a look. The webmaster seems to be a pretty cool guy. I plan on purchasing a few more link in the future from him.


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I don?t mean to come across as pessimistic, but this idea has been done in different ways a zillion times over. Following on from the Million Dollar Home page success, it seems many clones are eager to reproduce the success online.

To be quite frank, I don?t see the product advantage in real terms, nor would I put any of my hard earned cash into a product/service like this.


Well nothing is new on Earth, isn't it? ;)

Same idea, but with better implementation. I purchased links on it back than the minimum was funny $0.01 and frankly I didn't think he'd get to $1K, but now he has $4.7K
so i guess it's pretty good after all :)

Well the advantage for you to buy a link is obviously traffic, the link is publisher on multiple places and lots of people visit this page, so you can probably get good traffic from it.


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It would be interesting to actually measure the traffic generated as a result of this single medium, additionally the business model certainly appears to have a reasonable limitations.

As the cost per link rises, it will be ?interesting? to watch the automatic cap that comes into play. At 0.1 cents one can certainly justify the expenditure, but at what level does that become unreasonable???

Moreover for the pure merits of link building, it would be fool hearted to spend much more per link in such a general category. On the grounds of these links bringing direct traffic, I have very real doubts as to whether or not you would actually gain any significant direct or indirect traffic.