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“Adsterra”/  “CPA Affiliate Program Launched. $50/sale, 5.7% Conversion, 6 Month Cookie



Hi there,

We at Lifestation (since 1977) launched a new affiliate program. Paying $50/sale.

Lifestation provides seniors with a 24/7 medical alert button to summon help in case of emergency. Seniors can now be independent and safe in their own homes. A medical alert system is a known solution to keeping seniors away from nursing homes when they refuse to go. Also, elderly people tend to fall inside their own homes without being able to reach their phone to call for help. Lifestation medical alert is the answer to these problems.

1. $50/sale (We'll pay more for good performance)

2. 6 Months Cookie

3. Our website has an impressive 5.7% sale conversion rate.

4. We also have phone tracking. (All orders from affiliates are accounted for.)

5. We use affiliate management program.

To learn more please go here