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Let's Not Forget Our Warm Market


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There are many things written about how to promote or advertise your business opportunity.

But I think more emphasis needs to be placed on a segment of our "warm market" thet often gets overlooked

that is....... family and frends.

Family and friends can be a wonderful and familiar place to start. You can introduce your opportunity to them via email. The result of this would be them forwarding it on to others as well. Your goal here is to encourage them that this is an opportunity of a lifetime that they would not want to miss and they should act now.

By stirring their curiosity, they will want to know more because their interests are piqued. The key here is to promote the opportunity, not the product.

We just can't assume that family and friends will turn us away. You never know, they may be in the market for such an opportunity but are too apprehensive to bring the subject up.

Give it a try, send them an email today!