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Affiliates Wanted Lead Scrape - Lead Generation Software

Discussion in 'Business Centre' started by Reganam, Mar 5, 2019.

  1. Reganam

    Reganam Affiliate Marketplace Seller affiliate


    Lead Scrape is a powerful Lead Generation Software. Find leads for your business in minutes. Simply type the business type you are looking for and the location, Lead Scrape will do the rest.

    For example say you type
    San Diego CA

    Lead Scrape will return a csv file with the list of all restaurants in San Diego, field extracted would be

    Business name
    Phone number
    People working at the business and job title
    Facebook page
    Twitter Page
    Instagram Page
    If the website is web responsive or not
    If the company uses Adwords for PPC marketing
    If the company uses Twitter for PPC marketing
    If the company uses LinkedIn for PPC marketing
    Number of Staff
    The year that was created

    The software even comes with a powerful email verifier, so you do not need to spend extra money validating the extracted emails. Supports over 25 countries worldwide.

    The lists are generated from different business directories, and all results are merged and duplicates are removed.

    • Generate massive lists of potential customers
    • Use the emails extracted for Email Marketing Campaigns
    • Use the data for Direct Mail Campaigns
    • Create Online Business Directories
    • Offer your own Scraping Services
    • Offer your web design services to companies with an old website
    • Offer your marketing services to company that do not use PPC
    Lead Scrape is available for both PC and Mac OS
    Available in 2 different versions, Standard($97, 1-year license) or Business ($247, 1-year license)

    We use Post Affiliate Pro to handle affiliates and commissions, affiliates get 40% commission for every sale that is referred.

    Once you registered you will be able to log in into the system, check your sales, commissions, download banners...

    To register to become an affiliate of Lead Scrape, please use the link below.

    Lead Scrape Affiliate program

    Any questions, please send me a PM or reply to this thread.
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