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Lead Generation

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by ezekiel, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. ezekiel

    ezekiel Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    Hey guys,

    Let me start off by introducing myself; Hi, my name is Ezekiel. I'm a 15 year old marketer, i've suddenly taken up the interest in CPA marketing, i couldn't take any more of SEO too much work, plus it took long to see results. Anyways cutting to the chase, how do you guys generate leads? I heard of people "Direct Linking" or other people create "Landing Pages" what do you guys think convert better? How do you go about creating a landing page, do you make them sign up for your list, and then send them the offer? Anyways, thank a ton guys! hope to bring success for all of you warriors.

  2. terraleads
  3. joshuayip

    joshuayip Affiliate affiliate

    welcome ezekial,

    to answer your questions : how do you guys generate leads - direct linking to merchant site or putting up a landing page which will eventually lead them to merchant site to fill up whatever offer

    maybe this youtube will explain a bit more

    What is cpa marketing - CPA Renegade - YouTube
  4. Andy Haskins

    Andy Haskins Affiliate affiliate

    Hey Ezekiel.

    First step I would recommend is reading Ks new Newbie 411 guide when it comes out any time soon!

    Keep an eye out in the Forum :)

    Edited to add link to Newbie 411 Preview post here.
  5. kennethjay

    kennethjay Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    Whats up Ezekiel,

    I suggest starting with PPV/CPV (Pay Per View/Cost Per View) for a couple reasons:

    1. Its strait to the point, it doesn't take long to to see results ant its not "too much work"
    2. Barrier to entry is low, so you can find an offer and test it without spending a ton of money.

    Here is a list of PPV/CPV Networks

    Traffic Vance
    Media Traffic
    Ad on Network
    Direct CPV

    Always use landing pages...

    With direct linking you can have a profitable campaign running and all of a sudden the offer disappears and you will be assed out
    but with landing pages, if an offer does disappear, you can just find another one and plug it it without skipping a beat.

    Another thing I like about landing pages is you can actually build lists if you wanted to but one of the best reasons for using landing pages is you can do
    In depth tracking and testing and tracking

    Which brings me to my next point... Test Test Test and test some more always be tweaking to make an offer convert better, once you
    are satisfied with it than hit it hard and enjoy the rewards

    The tracking tools I use are:

    Prosper202 (free)
    CPVLab (paid)

    Hopefully this helped you out a little bit
  6. ezekiel

    ezekiel Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    Thank you for your input, it actually helped me out the most. I heard from a good amount of people that PPV isn't that great of a source. Also don't conversions go down when you have a landing page? Instead of them going straight to the offer, they have to go through a couple emails to get the link.
  7. kennethjay

    kennethjay Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    PPV is just the tip of the iceberg but its perfect to get you started and seeing results...

    as far as the quality of the traffic, there is junk traffic but if you get to know your account manager, you can find out where their traffic is coming from and what traffic streams are the best. If you are doing that you should be ok.

    I like landing pages because it does a few things,

    1. It gets the person comfortable more committed, so when a person clicks on your lander and is taken to your offer they will be more inclined to fill out the offer.
    2. It allows you to do better tracking and split testing, you cant know how something is doing if you are not tracking it
    3. You can build a list

    Track both methods for yourself and see what you come up with
  8. Andy Haskins

    Andy Haskins Affiliate affiliate

    Brilliant advice from kennethjay, I agree with everything he says in there but just had one quick question...

    What are the minimum deposits on the above PPV networks these days?

    As for the landing page, I don't think you should ever be scared that your 'conversions will go down' by using one as in the bigger picture it can benefit you greatly by being in control. As kennethjay said it will help you with tracking and understanding your traffic, what's working and what isn't, thus, enabling you to filter out the rubbish and focus on scaling the campaign to higher levels whilst targeting the traffic you KNOW converts.
  9. operationoffers

    operationoffers Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    yea i agree. Using PPV networks is a good place to start. you can split test for relatively cheap and you can scale up from there. Most affiliates that I know of dont firect link because it can be a pain. You might also want to consider I-framing Offers as well but you have to make sure the offer will allow and work with it. Landing pages will perform better over the long run. Also use blogs and article marketing as well that links back to your own page.
  10. kennethjay

    kennethjay Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    Traffic Vance - $1000+ Referral

    Leadimpact - $200

    Media Traffic - $100

    Ad on Network - $50

    Clicksor $500 or $1000

    Direct CPV - $100

    Adcun.ch - $5.00
  11. kennethjay

    kennethjay Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    hope you take this and run with it
  12. Andy Haskins

    Andy Haskins Affiliate affiliate

    Cheers mate :) A lot of them are not as bad as I remember!

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