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(Last update, I hope) What runs where during COVID-19. Humble listing of latest news and approaches.

Discussion in 'General Merchant & Advertisers Forum' started by Darja, Apr 12, 2020.

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  1. Darja

    Darja Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

    Hello! Recently I’ve came across a lot of passages and reports related to changes in industry due to COVID-19. So, I decided to put them all in one place. Hope you’ll find them useful, too. Disclaimer: there are no my “points of view’. This compilation should be treated as a list of useful sources that might help to deal with current affiliate world order. It is created to help newbies keep calm and find their way now; pros might find it as an easy way to avoid googling and scrolling through tons of similar info.

    COVID-19’s Effect on Media Consumption (And 5 Trends to Note) | Outbrain Blog

    Affiliate Marketing During COVID-19 | Plan B For Affiliates

    iAmAttila - Special Interview with legendary affiliate on COVID-19 impact on Affiliate Marketing industry. - Affpeople - The faces of affiliate marketing

    Useful FAQ from Zeropark
    Affiliate Marketing in Times of Coronavirus — FAQ - Zeropark Blog

    Winning offers and verticals
    We're Entering the Stay-Home Economy. Here are 10 Industries That Will Be Winners

    High converting offers during lockdown - TES Affiliate Conferences Blog

    Admitad: brief summary of coronavirus MarchAdmitad India Official Blog | Admitad India Official Blog

    Affiliate Marketing vs. COVID-19: What Verticals Work in Corona Crisis?

    COVID-19 and Affiliate Marketing: Any Gold Opportunities for Affiliate Marketers?

    How COVID-19 Affected The Online Marketing Industry


    Stackline's News and Insights — E-Commerce Advertising During COVID-19
    Gaming vertical approach

    For Google Ads lovers

    For SEO guys

    Inner Affiliatefix posts
    CoronaVirus Pandemic Products

    Income lost due to Coronavirus

    COVID-19 vs Affiliate Marketing: What Works During Crisis

    *If you have smth to add, please share in the comments updated info.

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  2. AdCombo
  3. Darja

    Darja Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

  4. Graybeard

    Graybeard Well-Known Member affiliate

  5. Darja

    Darja Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

    I hope that all this Corona thing is finally coming to an end. That's why today I'm going to post the last overview of articles that might help keep being oriented after the lockdown. ;)

    Affise on dating, gambling and crypto future: Affiliate Marketing Post COVID-19 and Trends in Dating, Gambling & Crypto Verticals - Interview with C3PA

    Video interview with Josh Keller's for Outbrain: [Video] Exclusive Interview With Josh Keller, Part 2: Continued COVID-19 Advice For Affiliates | Outbrain Blog

    General impact on the industry:
    Impact of Covid-19 on Affiliate marketing. | Curvearro
    Impact of Coronavirus on Business Marketing Plans - Edmonton Marketing, Advertising, SEO, Social Media, Website Design & Digital Marketing

    E-commerce niche affected by the lockdown:
    How Coronavirus Is Impacting Ecommerce [June 2020] - ROI Revolution
    COVID-19: Adjusting to the 'New Normal" | Rakuten Advertising Blog

    Webinar on challenges and resolutions during the pandemia: Affiliate marketing challenges during the lockdown

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