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Landing page in place of website (for someone getting in online business for the first time)

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by rizabbasi, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. rizabbasi

    rizabbasi Affiliate affiliate


    I want to start with affiliate marketing. I don't have a website, but I do have a domain name.

    I don't want to make a website and instead want to host a landing page (LP). That is, a screen filling LP with email lead gen. The email capture would lead to PDF download through inbox.

    The 'real estate' of the LP would have bare necessary info about the business and contact info like social media links, email address, phone number (may be).

    I want to have a thought from you, the community, on how that sounds to you? Would that make a sense? Would that have an strong impact?

    Nevertheless, I can host a minisite page that covers all the important details in different sections of a single page.

    Looking forward and thanking you in anticipation.


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