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Landing Page Ideas For Facebook

Discussion in 'Social Media' started by riser123, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. riser123

    riser123 Affiliate affiliate

    Lets say I want to promote a Woodworking product from Clickbank on FB ads.. What kind of LPs should I build.. Should I go with a 1 page sales letter or should I build a whole website reviewing different woodworking products.. And how do you suggest I gather the articles to put on my website?
  2. Voluum
  3. Judyye1991

    Judyye1991 Affiliate affiliate

    Hi Riser,

    We are seeking for people who are good at Facebook marketing.

    In terms of CPS(Cost per sales), we have our in-house COD(Cash on delievery) offers with LP already. We are an advertiser with our own logistics team and after sales service team. All own products are absolutely with competitive payouts. Our main GEOS are HK TW MY VN ID currently.
    We will also update new products according to your needs, meaning that you can also inform us what products you are good at running and we will soon make a offer to you which will of course need your pixel ID.

    Payment: Fortnight, Paypal < $500, wire > $500

    Regarding CPI(cost per installation) on facebook marketing, the products we are doing now is facebook emoji keyboard and input tools. There will be more products later on.

    For CPI on mobile perspective, we can work on S2S and API. The traffic is not limited to Facebook.

    Payment: Net 30

    Looking forward to cooperating with you

    Account Manager
    Skype: Idvert_Judy
    Email:[email protected]
  4. Katya

    Katya Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    In my opinion, building a whole website is the better option. It will take more time and efforts, but you would be able to list all of the products with detailed and attractive descriptions, to write (buy) reviews and testimonials. For the articles - you can try to compose them yourself, using tips and tutorials about writing or hire a freelancer to do it.
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  5. riser123

    riser123 Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks.. That was Helpful :)
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