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KwMap 4 Niche Finding

Linda Buquet

o here we are at day 3 of looking inside my niche finding tool box. <a target="_new" href="">Click the Niche Marketing Blog</a> category to see all the previous unique and little known niche marketing tools . Today I'm going to save my carpal and not write a book explaining this one.

Using this tool back and forth with the <a target="_new" href="">niche research tool I shared yesterday</a> - to research niches or even for doing KEYWORD RESEARCH for existing sites and blogs could be pretty powerful.

<em><strong><a target="_new" href="">KwMap</a></strong></em> is a unique tool for niche idea brainstorming as well as traditional keyword research. When you use the Overture or Wordtracker keyword tools you enter a keyword and the phrases that come back only include that <em>root keyword or phrase</em> you entered. So if the word was PAIN, those tools would come back with back pain, knee pain, pain management, etc.

<strong>So now try using the KwMap tool to <a target="_new" href="">research the generic word PAIN</a></strong> as an example. It comes up with a ton of words and phrases RELATED to the word pain such as: fibromyalgia, injury, arthritis, therapy and many more. It also includes phrases that contain word PAIN. <strong>Click any of the keywords to drill down deeper </strong>on that topic and find other related words.

<blockquote><strong>How do you use the keyword chart?</strong> "The keyword chart contains two axes, one of them is for keywords which are different but related to your search keyword, and the other is for keywords which contain your search keyword. We try to place the most relevant keywords in the middle. You can navigate by simply clicking on the keywords. When you reach a dead-end or you want to change the theme, use on the "New Kw" button."</blockquote>

Happy niche finding. Stay tuned to the 5 Star Channel for more niche digging tools!