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Keyword Internet Marketing Tips

Discussion in 'General Internet Marketing' started by digiexpress, Aug 23, 2015.

  1. digiexpress

    digiexpress Affiliate affiliate

    When starting an online business, keyword internet marketing is very important. Keywords are what people type into the search bar when they are looking for a website that offers the product they need to buy. Knowing the keywords your customers are using and optimizing them into your website will put you miles ahead of your competition.

    To find the keywords your customers are using, get yourself a good keyword internet marketing tool. There are many to choose from. Once you understand how to properly use keywords the quicker you can start ranking high on a search engine results page, increase traffic to your website and start making money.

    When educating yourself about what a good keyword is, you will find that a good keyword is one that does not show results in the millions. You need to use keywords that are more specifically targeted to what you are selling. Doing this will rank you higher on the search engine results page, also.

    Ranking high on the search engine results page will result in getting more people to click through to your website and more business for you. This is an extremely competitive world and anything you can do to get an advantage over your competition is beneficial.

    Along with low competition make sure your keyword has a higher search number as well. The number of customers searching that keyword and the number of websites competing for those customers should be at least 1500 searches per month and under 20,000 competition. Any keyword you find that shows both of these standards should be a great keyword for you to use. Open up a Notepad file and start yourself a list. Copy and paste any good keywords you find into your Notepad file. Then they will be ready to just plug in when you need them.

    Sometimes these keywords are not easy to find, although it is very exciting when you do find them because now you have something not everyone else knows about. Keywords that are more specifically targeted to what you are selling are called long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are keywords that are more than one or two words and even as long as a complete sentence usually describing exactly what the customer is looking for.

    Imagine the traffic and sales figures if you are on top of the search engine results page and have these keywords that describe exactly what the customer wants. Boggles the mind! You could be making money, hand over fist, in a very short time with the right keywords. A good keyword research tool can make all the difference in the world.

    So, do yourself a favor and educate yourself on keywords and where to find good ones then put them to good use and optimize your website with them. Remember one thing though, do not get complacent even if you do find a good keyword, searches and searchers change and you need to keep tabs on new keywords and then update your website as needed. When you use keyword internet marketing correctly, it will be as good as gold to you and your bottom line.
    Here is a great site to visit>>>Jaaxy | The Worlds Most Advanced Keyword Tool
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  3. Babs

    Babs Affiliate affiliate

    Good stuff. Thanks for sharing.
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  4. digiexpress

    digiexpress Affiliate affiliate

    You welcome Babs! I'm here to post good content and resources.
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    Babs Affiliate affiliate

    So looking foward to seeing them

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  6. digiexpress

    digiexpress Affiliate affiliate

    What type of articles you interesting in?
  7. K

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    Is this your content? Did you write it?
  8. digiexpress

    digiexpress Affiliate affiliate


    I have private label rights! So basically I can claim it as my own rewrite it, leave it as is etc...
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  9. mentat47

    mentat47 Affiliate affiliate


    I know there are dozens of threads on how to get web traffic, but i decided to compile my own list here and I hope you guys find it useful and also if you have other important sources please do share them. Thanks


    Google Adwords * Google AdWords ? Online advertising by Google

    Findology * Findology Interactive Media - A highly-regarded online advertising, marketing, and traffic monetization platform.

    POF Ads - Local online advertising made easy, Plentyoffish.com

    Adbrite * adBrite Exchange

    Clicksor * Contextual Online Advertising and Behavioral Marketing Company

    Adblade * Adblade - Online Advertising and Monetization Services

    Advertise.com * Online Advertising Company : PPC : Email Traffic : Remarketing : Display Advertising : Online Ads : Pay Per Click Advertising : Advertise.com

    AdClickMedia * AdClickMedia Advertising Network - Pay Per Click Advertising, online text advertising, banner advertising, and Interstitial advertising.

    AdManage * Admanage affiliate and advertising network - PPC, CPC Banner, In Text, Display Ads, CPV, Domain Parking

    Ezanga - Web Search | eZanga.com

    AdSide * AdSide

    7Search * 7Search | Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Advertising Network

    Looksmart * LookSmart > Pay-Per-Click Search Advertising

    Adknowledge * Adknowledge.com | The leading long tail marketplace

    Findit-quick - Pay Per Click | Pay Per Click Advertising | PPC | PPC Advertising | Pay Per Click Search Engine

    Bidvertiser * BidVertiser - Pay Per Click Advertising On Sites Of Your Choice.

    MSN Adcenter –

    MyAds * MyAds - Banner Advertising

    AdSonar * http://www.adsonar.com

    Pulse360 * Pulse 360 - The Leader in Content Targeted Sponsored Links on the Web's Best Sites

    AdMarketplace * Performance-Driven Search Advertising | adMarketplace.com

    Marchex - Marchex : Pay Per Click

    Facebook Ads * Advertising | Facebook

    Pay Per Click Traffic Sources


    Valueclick * Dashboard Ad - Dashboard Ad

    GoTraffic.com * Online traffic marketplace, where website owners and online marketers do business.

    Tribal Fusion * Home « Tribal Fusion

    Undertone - Undertone

    Yahoo AdReady - AdReady - Online Display Advertising Campaign Software for Agencies, Advertisers & Publishers | AdReady

    Burst Media - BURST MEDIA

    Adengage - AdEngage - Engaging Internet Advertising

    DoubleClick * DoubleClick: The technology foundation for digital advertising

    MegaClick - NOTICE

    Advertising.com * Shopping Search | Ask.com

    Ask * Shopping Search | Ask.com

    Traffiq * trafficq.com

    BuySellAds * Buy Ads | BuySellAds

    Illyx - illyx Network | Affiliate platform Pay per install, impression, click

    Casale Media * Casale Media - Home

    CPX Interactive - Welcome to CPX

    Ad Pepper - ad pepper media

    Pay Per View Traffic Sources

    Trafficvance * Trafficvance :: Advanced Display & Text Link Traffic | Home

    Lead Impact * LeadImpact

    DirectCPV * Pay Per View PPV Cost Per View CPV Contextual Online Advertising Network

    Media Traffic * Media Traffic - CPV PPV Contextual Advertising

    AdOnNetwork * Pay Per Click Advertising | Pop Under Ads | AdOn Network


    Vibrant Media * Vibrant - The Leaders of Contextual and In-Text Advertising

    Inlinks - inLinks - In Content Link Market Place

    Infolinks * Pay Per Click Advertising - In Text Ads for Websites by Infolinks

    Linkworth * LinkWorth | Search Engine Marketing - Text Link Advertising

    50onRed * Performance is Paramount | 50 on Red


    Kontera * Kontera
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