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Keep Your Advertising Organized


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Keep Your Advertising Organized
Many people think by joining a billion websites and posting their link they'll get a contstant supply of traffic well no you won't. You need to keep your thread updated and you need to look like a member not just an advertiser. So here are my tips to help you look like a member and have organized advertising.

Recording Where You Advertise
Record where you advertised on a hidden forum post or blog post or in some online document of some sort. So you can easily click on it and go to your advertising thread so you can update it and bump it up. This will prevent you from forgetting about an advertisement and also makes everything a bit quicker. Don't just record forum advertisements, record blog,traffic exchanges,link exchanges, record any advertisement.

Why To Record Affiliates & Link Exchanges
If your wondering why I said to record link exchanges then here is your answer. Not many people but sometimes after an affiliaiton or link exchange has been completed people remove your site's link or image from their site thinking you won't bother to check but if you record affiliates and link exchanges then you'll be able to keep checking that your advertisement is still there and if they remove it, remove their advertisement from your site.

Don't Be An Advertiser Be A Member
Many people sign up to a forum post their advertisement leave then come back to bump it then leave then come back to bump so on... You don't want to be like them, you want to be a member and there's a very quick way of making quality posts on people's forums and that is making premade posts. You write up some quality topics then before you advertise post a couple of them then the next day post another couple so on... This way people will read your advertisements as they will consider you as a quality poster and member instead of another advertiser. Make sure you keep writing new premades so you don't run out.

Recording Traffic Exchange Views, WTH?
If your thinking that then let me explain. Every day update your list with how many views you've got from each traffic exchnage. If your wondering why which you will be then I'll tell you why. Often people get busy and they start to advertise less and end up not advertising or using a traffic echange that helps them the most. If you record the views when you get busy you can scrap the least effective ones and use the most effective ones.

Post More Than Bump!
It's against most sites advertising rules and doesn't get you anywhere if you only say bump. You need to include updated statistics and the latest news of your site. Also try to use catchy slogans or pictures to get people to have a look at your site. Also change your title. If you have a £10 posting contest then changing the title SITE NAME Is Having A £10 Posting Contest! Or something like that.

Answer Questions & Reply To Feedback
A big mistake made by some advertisers is they don't read and reply to their replies. If someone has a question then try to answer it and if you can't say you can't. If someone gives feedback good or bad reply to them with something like 'Thanks for the feedback' or 'I'll take your suggestion into consideration'. Even if your 100% sure you won't implant the idea, you should still say you'll take it into consideration so not to upset the feedback writer.

Thanks for reading and I hoped this helped you.
Best point its that we dont have patience and we try to sell imediatly to mak money and this its a big mistake .People see you as a spammer imedialty and hate this
That's a great point. I've watched some marketing tutorials and it says that you should wait like months before trying to sell anything. Just make a good impression on people, etc.