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JVZ links are Spam in Aweber

Discussion in 'Email Marketing' started by Curtis123, Aug 30, 2016.

  1. Curtis123

    Curtis123 Affiliate affiliate

    I was having some problems with Get Response, so I was doing some testing with Aweber.

    I uploaded a test email with a JVzoo affiliate link, and that was the link that gave the message a spam score of 9.0+, WarriorPlus links are okay.

    I connected with JVZoo tech support and so far they don't seem to be too worried. I would think though that they should because Aweber is the "top" autoresponder provider.

    Get Response does not seem to have any problems with Jvzoo links, just Aweber. Redirecting or masking links doesn't help either.

    This forum won't allow me to post the link for the proof, but just test out jvz1 dot com at mxtoolbox dot come

    Unless I have this wrong, this could affect deeply affiliate marketing in general.
  2. newbidder
  3. Cherrub

    Cherrub Affiliate affiliate

    You're quite right - they are - and there's nothing really unusual about affiliate networks getting their trackers listed.

    MultiRBL.valli.org - Results of the query jvz1.com

    The 'best practice' - if you can call it that - is to always mail to your own domain and redirect. It's often beneficial to take action to knock out certain kinds of rubbish traffic, dumping off bad geo stuff using free php libraries like Maxmind - and dropping off anything that looks a bit botty, by dumping anything that doesn't support cookies or javascript. That may seem a bit radical, but it gets rid of a fair number of anti-spam vendor 'intent' tools that follow links.

    The other really big one - *never* host your own DNS on a cheap c-panel based server. One of the key blacklisting services uses the 'SOA' record IP address, (thing master DNS start point) and that will often result in blocking all domains on that server. Keep DNS records somewhere huge and shared by a cast of thousands.

    That's my 50c worth...
  4. Curtis123

    Curtis123 Affiliate affiliate

    As of now I'm cloaking my links with Clickmeter tracking links, this gives the emails a spam score of zero from Aweber and my tests put them right in the inbox and not the spam folder. Yay!
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